UFO and Alien Presence in Human History

Unusual objects being spotted in the sky and drawings of strange-looking little men have formed long before the existence of modern man. The first depiction of cylindrical objects shaped like UFOs is shown in a 47,000 year old, Neanderthal-age drawing that was found on the rocks and mountains in Hunan Province, China.

UFO skeptics suggest that many people have seen objects in the sky that they cannot identify, but to any astronomer, these perceptions may just be a weather balloon, a star, or a meteor. Some people have even mistaken lenticular clouds for UFOs. Yet, true believers bring up the lengthy history of alleged UFOs and their alien passengers as proof that these sightings are phenomena that go far beyond science.

According to UFO researchers and enthusiasts, the history of alien creatures and spacecraft is found all over the world in the forms of art work, oral legends, tablets, monuments, and petroglyphs. A recorded account of a UFO sighting goes back to the 1504-1450 B.C. writing of an Egyptian papyrus, who describes the object as a “fire circle.” After a few days, he noticed that more of them appeared in the sky until they reached the limits of heaven, then after some time, ascended higher into the sky and disappeared.

A report recorded in the Bible by Exekiel describes a stranger sighting of four living creatures in the form of men. Each had four faces and four wings and darted back and forth like a lightning flash.

Roman author Julius Obsequens compiled the book Prodigorium liber to highlight preternatural sights with one account tracing back to 90 B.C. In 216 B.C., a person describes a fire in the sky with “things like ships were seen in the sky over Italy,” also described as a “round shield.”

There are numerous other reports of strange lights, objects, and creatures that continued throughout the early periods of A.D. with similarities to modern reports. In 13th century England, a pile of fire was reported to have rose from the south, crossed the sky to the north, then increased speed and flew into the sky.

In Japan in 1232, the first official investigation into UFOs took place after members of an army saw strange lights that swerved around in the sky for many hours. It was finally concluded to be just “wind making the stars sway,” which itself may not have scientific backing.

Astronomers have also reported similar UFO sightings. In 1762 in Switzerland, amateur astronomer Monsieur de Rostan captured the first UFO photograph. He tracked a spindle-shaped object crossing the sun, which is supported by a couple of other astronomers. Later in 1799, the English Gentleman’s Magazine featured an article that detailed a mass viewing of a pillar of fire (the same account of fire) passing from the north to the south.

Unlike pre-modern men, modern men have been able to track inexplicable appearances using radar from the ground and in the sky. They even have the technology to create deceptive UFO phenomena using special effects or falsified documents. Yet, since the Neanderthal era, reports of UFO and alien sightings which strongly resemble modern ones have appeared. These reports remain largely inexplicable and hold bases for further investigations.

Jennifer Anderson has worked with the paranormal almost her entire life researching incidents such as Area 51 and other UFO Sightings.

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