UFO – Aliens Over the Earth – The Fayetteville case

On a relatively mild winter evening in the Fayetteville, NC and Cape Fear general area, January 8, 2007, a father and young adult son, both named Chris Bledsoe (Sr. and Jr.) and presented in the film as “key eyewitnesses”, say that they saw orange-ball UFO’s (rather like the ING Direct Orange!), and translucent beings that seemed to look like glass toys. Three other local men saw the apparent craft (but not necessarily the aliens). The father says he lost a couple hours of time, and was put under hypnosis. He described being in some sort of examination room (presumably after being taken on board), although he did not recall the actual examinations.

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  1. if he did see an entity every time he recalls his experience i bet it would send his heart racing. this making his answers wrong on the poly graph

  2. @shaden1628 “Well hey, I do believe you saw yourself a ufo buddy.” Mathew McConnaughey lol. No shirt on too ha ha.

  3. its almost the same alien that went to ilo-ilo philippines, with red eyes…. pretty much the same….

  4. LOL. Bledsoe Sr. sounds like Mathew McConnaughey. I’m waiting for him to say “Well Alright, alright, alright.”

  5. @wmhoad
    Fair enough, you have a healthy skepticism which is necesssary to weed out the bullshit. I think that with the rise in UFO sightings around the world, however, you may get your evidence sooner than you think. Keep looking up…

  6. @Delisle4 I think MUFON is a serious org. and does good work. It is hard not to believe something is up with UFOs but I am such a skeptic in general it is going to take some really hard evidence. Eye witness testimony is responsible, for example, for most of the wrongful prosecutions in the justice system. And photographic evidence, too easy to forge with today’s technology. So show me an actual spaceship or alien body verified by refutable experts and then I’ll believe.

  7. @wmhoad
    No problem at all, but I have to say that MUFON does do a lot of investigation and have in the past discounted many UFO stories and all in all, UFO cases are growing exponetionally and clearly someting is going on…..just my two cents.

  8. @Delisle4 I’m just saying I know some people who know him and according to them he is a bullshit artist.

  9. Many thanks to earthvisitor3 who shared this with me. My own abduction experience in 1989 leaves me feeling very, very uneasy. It defies reason. My series MISSING TIME is up on YouTube. Type my name, “Lisa Falour,” when you search for it, and then if possible, tell me what you think. There was another event in 2000 and my husband hasn’t been the same since. I think he blames me. I doubt everything, now!

  10. ….worse to stay quiet about it….worse again to be poor!…..guess we’ll read all about it in his book….that will make him a million dollars……bet that will make up for the 27 houses!!…..talk about bullshit!!

  11. Rather than question Mr Bledsoe’s truthfulness, Mufon should question the validity of using a lie detector test on people with extremely traumatic experiences. Merely recounting the story of the small entity with red eyes, caused goosebumps and the hair to stand up on his arms, long after the incident occurred! I think that kind of involuntary nervous system reaction was mistakenly interpreted as “deception” by the administrator of the polygraph test.

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