U.F.O. sighting at O’Hare airport (Chicago)

Video of the 2nd ufo sighting over O’Hare airport, taken on Aug.8th. by a worker at the airport on his cell phone. Cant tell what it really is, thats why it’…
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  1. One thing – all the media reports say it was a completely overcast day and
    when the ufo shot up it left a hole in the clouds “like a hole in the sky”.
    That description does not really match the video here. There is lots of
    blue sky there. And to percieve a “hole in the sky” you would have to be
    directly under it. Or so it seems to me anyway.

  2. What the HELL are you talking about? If you are going to leave a comment,
    at least make sure it makes sense. You’re an iddiot!!! Asking how come I
    was expecting a UFO. Yeah, I called the spaceship, and told the alien to to
    make a visit at the airport at a certain time so i can film it. Man, stupid
    people should’nt be allowed to leave comments on here!

  3. How come every video of a big foot that people think thats from bigfoot, or
    a person saying that they “swear they saw the lochness monster, or a “UFO”
    sighting are always in the worst quality, hmmmm??????????????

  4. i swaer thats real i passed by and saw it to it even came out in news obama
    talked about it this is a real one thanks man or lady

  5. actually it is a homemade saucer, it is evidenced by the fact that it isnt
    flying very well. ufo – yes, alien craft – no ! go back to your lives
    people !

  6. I saw black Featureless humanoids (no Eyes) with forked shaped
    tongue,pointy knees before might of been the drivers of this O’hare Airport
    UFO. They have no Eyes they go by smell and sences.

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