tsunami hits japan nibiru binary star also is that a ufo at 2:04 ?

all ive got to say is its a very sad day
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National Archive release UFO files but Nick Pope, a former MoD UFO investigator, thinks there is one secret missing. Follow us on twitter at twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. @medicvideo You intrigue me sir. I have had the priviledge of meeting families which bear a dragon upon their coat of arms. I have had in my life time the experience of visiting foriegn lands with exquisite houses that have dungeons beneath them. Does that count? I cannot engage my mother in games as I never play.

  2. @trythinkingnow The Aliens are intelligent and obviously you are not. You comments are both common and vulgar. BEGONE FOUL TROLL!!!

  3. I don’t need to prove anything, you are a little confused. You should prove that this video is not a fake or a misunderstanding.

  4. @MrAsacumvreau a helicopter who passes dont you mean witch sounds like your high. like i have said before make a video and prove me wrong if not piss off

  5. Man you are high! watch at other videos with ufo’s and you will see the same pattern a helicopter who pases, but the quality is rubbish. And your meds doesn’t have any effect. Wake up and think twice.

  6. @USFullOfLies I stand corrected…your sentences made perfect sense and i qoute:

    “It’s something that really dont exist here in us. It’s chilling thing ride emitting black smoke-like aura,”

  7. @EyeAmbivalenceEye Lunatic. It denotes propulsion not inherent intelligence. And UFO??? Pretty fucking stupid aliens if they were getting out just as the wave hit.

  8. his is not a helicopter. you can eyeball approximately a mile, we taught it at our flight school in our private and commercial pilot class. this object, fake or real, whatever it is, travels approximately a mile in about 6 seconds. now lets do some math, you cant dispute math. 1 mile in 6 seconds is 10 miles in 60 secoonds, or 600 miles per hour. there is no helicopter on the planet that does 600 miles per hour.

  9. It’s something that really dont exist here in us.
    It’s chilling thing ride emitting black smoke-like aura,and goes like 700mp/h or far more, it passed water part in like a second

  10. @rabcmcdee1981
    Hi Rab,
    Just look at the real footages, not just one, it might not be clear enough. When I saw the reports, I had no dought that it was a helicopter.
    Watch the following footage:
    Add the 3 w to the following; cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7359270n&tag=mg;mostpopvideo
    You ca watch it as is or full screen. Either way, we can see the propellers.

  11. I can honestly say I don’t have a clue unless its some sort of reflection from another helicopter. If it is a U.F.O., it appears to be fleeing the area which denotes intelligence.

  12. @rabcmcdee1981 I meant the black thing swimming through the water @ 2.04. And yes we got fucked up too, but If you can’t make jokes and look on the positive side of things then it just gets to depressing. Peace.

  13. @777Knivez why make jokes like that when your country just went through the shit i bet you were not joking when news said it would hit your country

  14. @cass2chk cause what the eyes see the mind beleives the same thing with our ear
    we hear the mind beleives(mostly)

  15. Look monkey sheeples… UFOs do exist….WOW ! Are you still insisting that they don’t ? Do you still believe the U.S. Governments is telling you the truth about UFO and USOs ? LOL, you fricken neanderthal sheep will have to accept the truth which most of us have known for over 60 years…hurry scurry on to the other side of the fence and pretend you always knew…. you shit heads. It’s a shame that our lying government is being FORCED to admit there existence do to all the sightings !

  16. @lllwindrunner Oh certainly, I have no doubt something is happening. I saw something I couldn’t explain during a training flight in Korea. Small object passed within 50ft of my helicopter. I only saw it for 5 seconds.

  17. “This ‘flying saucer’ situation is not at all imaginary or seeing too much in some natural phenomena. Something is really flying around. The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious.”

    ~ Gen. Nathan Twining Chief of Staff, US Air Force, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

  18. U kno guyz we human r idoit on evry thing like “no joke”
    we kill for money,or steal, nd have war with differint natins kaz thy say shit 2 us
    LIKe WTF

  19. @Willaev Indeed there’s more documention to find on UFOs over military bases than only what you heard. I for one have never placed all the value of UFO evidence on random videos but rather a very wide history of evidence showing us something strange has certainly been happening. Objects not only seen but recorded and regesterd on muliiple radar scopes flying into restricted air and at times even having been chased and fired on by our own military are clearly more than just lights in a night sky.

  20. @lllwindrunner Sorry, I’d only heard about the one incident that made the news last year, with the Air Force missile officer mentioning his warheads becoming disarmed, and those of another missile complex miles away. Yes, 5% of thousands of cases can give you dozens or hundreds of truly unexplainable events, and those are the ones we need to focus on. Personally, I put no stock in any videos of ‘lights in the night sky’ as contributing evidence.

  21. “The evidence points toward something happening, so that creates an urgent need for critical scientific analysis. But we need to allow scientists to do that without detriment to their career.”

    ~ Col. John Alexander, on the topic of UFOs, 2011

  22. (#2)Your information only needs tweaking slightly. It’s true that nuclear missiles have been dis-armed even while in flight but it’s also true that power, including back up power to some of these bases has gone out…both have happened. The percentage of unexplained cases has been estimated around 5% but that percentage still represents 1000s of unexplained cases! As for debunkers, I have no hatred for them or anyone. Remember a debunker and a skeptic are two totally different things.

  23. @Willaev It’s very good to have a skeptical approach to weed out what’s true and what’s not. We all need to pracyice that. Note that a skeptic can be reasoned with or change their minds if researched information shows itself to be valid or not.
    But a debunker (or shill) is totally different and is never out here to be objective. They’re simply here to *debunk* or in some cases even paid off with an agenda to debunk while often relying heavily on ridicule for lack of any logical counter points.

  24. @lllwindrunner The power didn’t go off. The warheads themselves were disarmed, which is even more compelling. Anyone can turn the power off. Not anyone can just disarm a warhead without touching it.

  25. @lllwindrunner There will always be debunkers, because the majority of UFO videos posted are airliners, helicopters, and even CRUISE SHIPS that are misidentified by naive and gullible people who, as you said, do little/no research or investigation. And what’s all this hatred for debunkers? SHERLOCK HOLMES WAS A DEBUNKER. If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. If we debunk 98% of the videos with mundane explanations, think about the remaining 2%.

  26. What we sometimes see out here are some nice yet naive people who’ve done little to no research about the this very broad subject. The good news is that it’s happening much less as time goes on. As for what’s left of the fading shills and debunkers , they’re having a tough time now since so many more people have become better educated about UFO history, FOIA released documents, etc.

  27. …”We lost between 16-18 ICBMs (nuclear tipped Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) at the same time UFOs were in the area. (A high ranking Air Force officer) said, Stop the investigation; do no more on this and do not write a final report.”

    ~ Captain Robert Salas – US Air Force, discussing with military pannel the security issues about power loss to missiles as UFO’s appeared, reported happening in missile bases in at least 5 states and addresssing the UFO cover-up in a CNN, LKL interview.

  28. @MrRagingFury – If you feel that’s the case. What’s your opinion of the well documented occurrences of all these military pilots being ordered to chase and *fire* on UFOs or that military personal in charge of nuclear weapons over bases in at least 5 states have reported seeing UFOs as all power going went off to the base which then disabled the missiles? These major UFO cases were discussed not long ago at a Washington press conference with dozens of retired military officers on hand….

  29. What are the secrets? They can’t even identify the unidentified? We are but idiots who can’t identify what we are seeing by naked eyes. We seem to classify ourselves skeptics or believers who are morons being toyed by these ETs. It is simple FACT …the universe is immeasurable and human beings don’t own the universe

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