Tracking UFO’s Around the World

It is very hard to imagine that earth is the only living planet in this whole galaxy and the ones beyond that. Aliens have been a part of every culture, even the Egyptian pyramids have pictures of so-called “extra terrestrials’ with big heads and sticks in their hands that look like modern day guns. “UFO” or the” Unidentified Flying Object” is an enigma in itself, throughout the world there are frequent reports on UFO sightings. Most importantly, there are people who have come up with the photographs of flying objects that do not match the flight pattern of any man-made aerial vehicle. Some of the pictures are completely authentic and all this evidence has created a major belief in people that aliens do exist and they visit our planet on a regular basis. Some of the most popular UFO sighting s is being discussed below.

• Kecksburg: this incident occurred on December 5 of 1965 and was witnessed by people all over from Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. The witnesses said that they saw a flying object on fire land in the woods in the area and from the crash appeared a four-pointed star. However, some of the locals who reached the crash area before police reported seeing a bronze clad “acorn” shaped object emerge from the crash. The US military later said that there was nothing found in the woods, leading the people to believe, that something mysterious happened at the crash site.

• Aurora, Texas: In the year, 1987 people at Aurora, Texas saw similar flying object that crashed in the woods after hitting a windmill. Locals suggest that the government officials have collected “Alien life forms” from the crash site. The UFO enthusiasts want to know more about the findings in the crash site but Government officials are not ready to divulge any details and they like to cover the incident.

Ufology has many takers, but until someone comes with a solid proof, there is no way to prove the theories, no matter how true they seem. “Project Blue Book” has actively participated in UFO investigations throughout the United States and there. Hopefully, with the rise of such organizations we shall soon find out the truth about the UFOs some time very soon. Come to

Come to and have a look at the various news and updates on the recent UFO sightings from around the world.

I captured this incredible UFO craft in front of my house. This is Raw footage. The next video after this one is the track motioned enhanced version. Thanks and enjoy. UFO Planet Feature:…
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