To Welcome the Aliens, the French Town Built UFO Airport

According to Australian news network, it is reported that a small town in France built a UFO airport for the alien visitors.  The airport has recently welcomed the first UFO carrying “the aliens”.


No UFO came here for 34 years


The UFO airport of a French town was built in 1976, the project was voted by local lawmakers in laughter. In order to show that the friendly position of interstellar diplomacy, members were also to give aliens the right to tax amnesty legislation and participate in slippery mud race. Mayor, Beike Deng, said that the exclusive use of any mysterious flying visit to the airport is opened day and night. They also set up special awards and free landing fees for the first arrival.


Triangular UFO Airport, located in a waterfront open space, which is suitable for any shape of aircraft landing. The airport set up with a marble slab which is inscribed with “welcome all visitors from outer space.” However, no UFO came here since the airport has been built over the years.


Make the aliens feel at home


n order to demonstrate for the “shy” aliens, local people held a “Third Kind touch” ceremony: one “UFO” designed by a local artist landed in the airport. When the door opened, a performer who was make-up into a green alien man walked down the ramp, set foot on the Earth’s land, becoming the first “alien visitor” for 34 years.


It is reported that the UFO airport has attracted numerous science fiction fans. They brought their favorite UFO toys here.  The local tourism sector hopes that the aliens can feel at home here.

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