The UFO Vigilantes – Real UFO Hunters – Full Feature

Stunning observations are being made in the skies over Mexico and the world. In Mexico a new group of UFO observers called “The Vigilantes” are equipped with high-tech video equipment and are now combing the skies for evidence with fantastic results. This film is included as a BONUS Film on the DVD: UFOs In South America, 105 mins., Cat. #U693. Go to Among the amazing videos collected is stunning evidence of a strange new unidentified object now referred to as Ebanis. According to UFO Investigators, the evidence of Ebanis suggests that they are gigantic biological structures that behave like a kind of aircraft carrier for UFOs. For the first time in this feature length program, you will see the most complete UFO report on the wave of UFO activity over Mexico that to many UFO researchers is believed to be a real contact point between Man and ET.

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  1. Can somebody in air force just go up there and look and examine>???

    those things were just up there almost an hour.

  2. There is an obvious difference though.
    In this video spheric objects have been spotted right after seeing those worms, while the thing I witnessed was that we saw that spheric thing right before the white worm.

  3. @danceuntilmorning
    the spheric object came back, right in front of that white ‘worm’ thing (so far I just called it a big fat white line in the sky), the spheric object stayed there for a while when sudenly it dissapeared – I guess it flew into the light (the white worm). Then the white ‘worm’ started to collapse slowly, from both sides to the centre until it dissapeared completely.
    I felt I had to tell this story, because until now I have never seen/heard anything like what I saw (this video).

  4. @danceuntilmorning
    Just above the trees, and then I saw it, an object appeared just above the trees and in an instance moved with great speed to the sky, since it was the whitest night in the year I could see that it looked like metallic, spheric object.
    Now what facinates me about this video and my occurence is that after it flew to the sky, it left a great big white ‘worm’ in the sky. I can’t remember it moving, but what I do remember is that it was horizontally in the sky and after a while

  5. The reason I find this video facinating is when I was a child – about 1.5 decades ago on 24th June night we were at the country celebrating the beginning of the summer with our friends and family.
    The childeren were playing behind the house and others were at the bonfire.
    I just left behind others and went to bonfire when I heard them screaming.
    I ran back to them and they were pointing at the sky and telling ‘it was right above us.’
    I looked at the sky, near the river where they were pointing –

  6. I think that the ufo is an turtle that walks on land but I think to that they made a color effect and that the color of the land to make blue but it can be true that there is been a UFO but I think that the UFO ship isn’t shaped liked that but It could be an illision. My reseach says that the citizen of the UFO exist 100%

  7. what i dont understand, where is the military when all this activity is going on? it lends to the idea that they know about it and avoid it..

  8. Wishfull thinking doesn’t help us to understand UFO’s.
    They are also not good. Several people died, as well as thousands of cows.
    Be care full and not naive.

  9. Greatest evidence ever I’m ready to live in the light! And that cross was showing people Jesus and whomever they believe in isn’t real and it was beings like them influencing early man that’s it!

  10. @jmsanchez0788 There is a pretty popular video where Mexican military aircraft video UFOs using what I believe was infrared. They couldn’t see them but they show up well on their cameras. I admire the candor of the Mexican government. The video should be easy to find.

  11. I wonder if it’s possible to get an aircraft up there to get a closer look? I imagine it’s pretty goddamn high though.

  12. To paraphrase the bard, there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in my philosophy so I can’t dismiss these fims outright but critical thinking should be applied and we shouldn’t automatically accept them as alien.

  13. This is a really good video. All the material and evidence these people present are of very good quality. I hope that more people will enjoy watching this type of reports, because allow us (humans) to progress… Very nice

  14. What’s the music from 29:33 to 30:30?
    It got stuck in my head and i just need to hear it more regularly.

  15. i’m so glad the science animator that used to work for the sc-fi channel, works for UFO channel now. he makes the best sci fi animations,, sci-fi channel is gay and dumb for letting him go. i noticed that.. anyone else notice that? kudos for him glad he works here now.

  16. @UFOTVstudios aha… why do they keep it so secret? anyway 😀 everybody is going to see the truth sooner or later… there are such crafts i dont know if they are alien or demons or whatever but those crafts do exist…

  17. Funny…… Which one is worse Alien or Nature I chose nature for all fu-king care…. You might say why because Nature can cause a tsunami,volcano,tornado,and earthquake……….. That when were dead if all of those thing happen at same time…..But any chase that alien’s have a war with us all our hope is nature doing all that to them IT WILL BE EPIC……… well comment it but anything bad that you want good comment bad comment………any thing well that my idea

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