The Roswell UFO Crash BBC Documentary – Proof

Learn all about the Roswell UFO Crash An alien space craft crashed in Roswell, NM and was recovered by the Government. …
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  1. Of course they wouldn’t. The repercussions of that sort of evidence would be devastating to the public. It would re-write history and prove all religions wrong if it came out that aliens existed and we weren’t the center of the universe. Imagine the uproar of all religious people (about 85% of Americans and 75% of the globe) if they found out what they believed in was a lie. It would create a anarchy for the US Government.

  2. the vídeo is fake!! is there is any kind of alien… they just don’t simple cut him and see him just like someone is death… they make many studys before

  3. reminds me a bit of the storyline in I, Robot, as to why the scientist kills himself. why did they crash.

  4. because it would shake the very foundation of the institutions that have been controlling humans for millenia, the government and the church. Think about it, what if we found those aliens and reported it on the news. There would be mass panic, religion would cease, there would be anarchy.

  5. what i want to know is WHY would they cover it up? I think there is alien life somewhere out there, but if it came here, I doubt they wouldn’t want us to know.

  6. Anyone see that strange dot appear in that guys forehead? It could be a bug…but it didnt really move and it was there before the guy put his hand on it….awkward?

  7. Could we possibly of took the alien in and spoke to them to help us out with the technologies we have today ? or was this all a big hoax? one thing is for sure, we will never know!

  8. Ok… so I understand this is possible.

    The crash was real there were too many witnesses with all matching stories for it not to be real, infact men and women of high rank are stating that they have to remain silence, which could obviously lead to mayhem throughout the world so therefore it would have to remain under wraps, we have to remember that 100 years ago we were still in horse and cart, no internet, nothing! now we seem to have advanced on a mega scale. coincidence?

  9. LMFAO….the alien video was proved to be a hoax when the actors came forward and even the dudes who made the alien showed how they made the entire thing….i cant believe they included that pile of crap….the guy who presented the video has been 100% proved tone lying and has admitted to faking parts if the video….the guy is worse than Bob Lazar

  10. Of course it was. If one country suddenly had access to advanced technology it could start a few international skirmishes. Covering it up was in their best interests.

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