The Roswell Incident

What exactly did happen near Roswell in July 1947? Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Conspiracies! – —————- Music = Steps In…
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This is classic. The forever going story about major government coverup. Real Story. Wake up.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Why do we always assume it’s alien spacecraft if it’s saucer shaped? You
    never know, aliens out there might use rocket shaped spacecrafts similar to
    us but of course we would never second guess that since it has to be

  2. Well, I think the government isn’t telling us everything and everyone knows
    that, it would probrobly get everyone in the world worried, who would want
    to know that there are just alien aircraft hovering just above Earth and
    maybe have the ability to destroy every life from on Earth…

  3. Till we discover that the human race are the actual aliens evolved
    throughout time from ancient egypt etc. – and we’d been actually searching
    for ourselves all along .. Would be funny, right? Hahaha.. right?

  4. Holy crap. When I was a kid Grade 2 or 3 I believe I read a book on aliens.
    It said the same thing, it said they found an alien body inside of the ship
    and when the y disectied it half the scientists got sick from breathing in
    the smell that was inside the body. And it even showed a picture…

  5. Damnit! I have this felling! i just know i should have turned the light on!
    Now i’m looking everywhere! I think this was a dumb idea :P

  6. The US government are like a kid that stole something, was spotted and is
    still denying he took it.

  7. guys, let me rewind this for you real quick. so this people find a SAUCER
    …” IF ITS NOT SAUCER SHAPED? Ok ok, then, motherfucking later they
    change the whole thing to WEATHER BALOON AND I REPEAT, MOTHERFUCKING
    WEATHER BALLOON OK?!?! Now, unless this secret ”mogule” shit looked like
    a FLYING SAUCER, we found alien life back in 47. And I dont know, but for
    me it seems very unlikly that this secret ”mogule” thing looked like a

  8. imagine being an alien discovering light speed, warp speed whatever and it
    gets tested and bam!! the saucer flies into earth causing all this
    conspiracy. Just imagine if it was real that alien probably had a family
    and a good life going for him being an astronaut.

  9. I think there must be aliens out there in the universe. Think about it. How
    could Earth be the only planet in the whole Universe (and maybe the next if
    there is one) that can hold life? It’s probably improbable.

  10. come on. if there were aliens that saw us they would want to see us as much
    as we do and announce their presence… they wouldnt hide

  11. They are delluding themselves. The fact the experiences are similar is
    characteristic of pop culture influencing what people see. Paranoia is what
    it is. people from other cultures are inundated with western culture and
    alien movies are spread all across the globe. furthermore, tell me of
    incidents where people from completely different cultures experience it and
    describe it very similarly, i want to ensure that you arent just assuming
    that that happens. The “proof” is never conclusive.

  12. Why should aliens not look like humans? Humans have evolved because of
    natural selection. On other planets aliens would undergo the same
    evolution, possibly developing like we did.

  13. Notice these things NEVER appear in this day and age. You know, when
    everyone and his dog has a cameraphone, access to the internet, etc?

  14. This is my favorite episode. It’s too bad all of them aren’t on here, it
    seems that any vid that has the name of the series in it has been taken
    down :(

  15. 3 spacecraft were found spaced about 3 miles apart in a triangular
    pattern,.. 11 beings total; 3 alive (2 severely wounded and one beat up)
    and 8 dead.

  16. The location in Manitoba is called West Hawk Lake. Only lake in Manitoba
    made by a meteor and very deep. A scuba diving training area. 

  17. That should tell us that ufo can make error and crash. It wouldn”t suprise
    me if the nazis were able to get their hands on one during the time when
    they occupied territory and some said that a ship crashed and that they
    could not yet duplicate technology yet not like we can now. Stalin said
    things he seen were out of this world.When things were brought from
    germany to russia. People have to be pretty shallow not to see that there
    is life outhere beside the one on this planet.

  18. Piano Guye; You have disallowed people to reply to your message, so here’s
    mine: You commented:
    Think about this. Major Jessie Marsell, stated that the debris found at
    the Roswell crash site would not cut or, burn, and when folded then
    released it went back to it’s original position and no matter what was done
    to it, it always resumed it’s original shape leaving no indication that it
    had ever been disturbed. If this is true. I ask you. How is it that when
    the crash happened, how was the so called flying saucer destroyed in the
    first place? Surly I am not the first to ponder this question.
    My response:
    Upon reading much of the material on this issue, including Stanton
    Friendman’s ‘Crash at Corona’ and doing something thinking myself, it comes
    to mind that whatever was the propulsion system of the craft is what
    actually “exploded” and destroyed it. What caused the malfunction in this
    highly advanced technological marvel is anyone’s guess… but the old
    adage, machines are machines and machines will eventually break down and
    fail… I guess that applies to machines, no matter what civilisation
    develops them.

  19. You know what’s weird, that many cartoon shows like the Simpsons also have
    characters with an arm and only four fingers just like these aliens. Either
    they are short a finger or have no thumb. 

  20. Some fascinating stories. Although I still have trouble understanding why
    “aliens” haven’t discovered the usefulness of an off switch for their

  21. I miss the old Unsolved Mysteries episodes with Robert Stack that played on
    Lifetime. Now as a guy. This is the only show you’d ever catch me watching
    on that channel LOL but I wish they’d bring it back on. 

  22. i have been looking for unsolved mystery videos with Robert stack watch n
    share this as much as possible spike has removed all Unsolved Mysteries off

  23. 32:00 now ask your self why would a person of his profession hired to help
    with an aircraft be shown secret photos of an alien autopsy? I turned this
    doc off at this point.

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