The Largest UFO Sighting in History ?

The show joins Out of the Blue filmmaker James Fox on an investigation of an April 21, 2008 mass-sighting report of a triangular craft spotted over the Nevad…

0 thoughts on “The Largest UFO Sighting in History ?

  1. At 37:00 clearly bullsh…t This guy is probably having a hard time keeping
    a straight face. The Phoenix lights were for the people. It was a way of
    trying to wake people up to what is true reality that we are not alone. As
    more and more peoples mindset change it will draw us closer to a open
    contact in the future I believe. Peace

  2. I see the same thing in ponce Puerto Rico in 1986. I was 16 year old when
    that happen , a v shape or a v formation like a 30 feet in the sky no sound
    at all just floating in the air it was amassing..

  3. In July 1979 my wife & her friend were on a trip driving from Tx to Or when
    they returned home they told me of seeing something very strange in the
    night sky between Tucson & Flagstaff Az they explained it as a giant arrow
    shaped thing flying in the sky I was really confused the way they had
    described this thing so her friend had drawn a quick sketch what she had
    drawn was 7 lights in a V-formation and that was in 1979 !

  4. Any aircraft or ship built by humans, including blimps, make noise, lots
    and lots of noise. Humans have no power source that is completely silent
    and exhaust-less.

  5. already known what the triangle craft are that will be the u.s gov with old
    tech that they stole or found they shouldn’t have em really as they cant
    even fly them properly, they also use these craft to scare people and
    abduct them making them think aliens have got em yes gov do tests on people
    also using tech to implant them basicly tagging them for future things,
    yes it is alien tech and yes the others do no what they are doing :)

  6. These ufos are ours, manned by the military.I really think it was one craft
    but you can only see the lights.

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