The History Channel – UFO Files Box Set: 2 Disc DVD 400 Min.

Black Box UFO Secrets: The cockpit and control tower audio recordings of pilot and astronaut confrontations and sightings from 1947 to today are revealed and discussed.

The Pacific Bermuda Triangle: “Dragon’s Triangle,” off the coast of Japan, has reportedly claimed hundreds, if not thousands, of missing ships, airplanes, and submarines since the first written reports in the 13th century.

Deep Sea UFOs: Submerge yourself with these USOs–unidentified submerged objects, supposedly otherworldly vessels capable of operating underwater.

Deep Sea UFOs Red Alert: Plunge into the Santa Catalina Channel near Los Angeles to search for evidence of a 1992 USO event and off to Australia to examine the famed Tully Water-Crop Circle Case.

UFOs of the 70s: The most famous sightings of the decade are recalled. From Delphos, Kansas to Roswell, New Mexico, explore the mysterious and the unknown, and meet those who claim to have seen UFOs, or were even abducted by aliens.

Hangar 18: The UFO War

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