The Charming Area of Shanklin

A small seaside village called Shanklin has something that attracts many tourists and holidaymakers every year. This modest and sequestered spot lies in the south-east coast of the Isle of Wight. Though being of a small dimension this place is well known owing to its traditional old thatched cottages, two large clean beaches and outstanding scenery. People especially come to that place to contemplate the beauty of the deep, narrow ravine known as Shanklin Chine. This geological feature of the place is very magnificent indeed. With small houses on the top of it, grandiose cascades of crystal-clear water falling from the height of 280 feet, lush vegetation and laid-out nature traces this area seems to be the most enigmatic place in the world.

History and culture

Here you can also find some historical and cultural heritage of the Island such as the Royal Marine Commandos Memorial and Shanklin Theatre that is on the High Street. This street together with Regent Street is also considered to be the main shopping centre in this part of the Isle of Wight. Two big supermarkets located there are important not only for tourists but for the local people as well. Besides this there are many minor shops distributed throughout the area such as newsagents, bakeries, clothing and sports shops, arts and craft shops.

Traditional seaside attractions

It would be interesting to know that all the place of the Chine includes about three acres and the surface of this area varies to a considerable degree, there are 105 feet from its highest point to the level of the sea. In spite of the fact that Shanklin is a small old village it is well illuminated with electricity at night especially during the summer period. This time the gorge turns into a wonderful Fairyland. A great number of lights are sparkling everywhere highlighting Isle of wight hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee houses that are mostly located on an open area next to the sea.

A nice stroll along the sea front will give you a special feeling of satisfaction or inspiration. The area of Shanklin also can provide you with its garden and gift shop. The Tea Rooms, where one can take refreshments, are located at the lower place of the Chine. Also it is important to mention that the esplanade located above Hope Beach is proud of its amenities such as a crazy golf course, a sailing club and a children’s play area equipped with every device a child could only desire: slides, swings, ball pools and bouncy castles. Such a children`s play area can entertain and amuse your kids for hours.

If you are looking for a more romantic atmosphere you can stop at an anciently looking cottage with a roof made of straw or reeds. The cliff of Shanklin will amaze you to learn an interesting fact, to be more precise you will be able to hear the buzzing of wasps in the tiny holes in the face of it. Thus, this unusual natural phenomenon beckons almost every visitor of the place. As you can see, if taken all round Shanklin is a wonderful plays on the Isle of Wight to spend summer vacations.

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