The Bay Area UFO X FEST 2010 Announced, UFO Conference and Film Fest

San Leandro, CA (PRWEB) August 18, 2010

The UFO X FEST is becoming the premier UFO Film Fest and Conference in the world. The UFO X FEST 2010 has gathered some of the world?s greatest researchers and experts in their respective fields of science. Technology, Philosophy, Spirituality, UFO’s, Aliens, Ancient Mysteries, 2012, Signs & Symbols, and so much more. This Event is a Northern California Mufon Fundraiser. The UFO X FEST is September 18th & 19th from 10:00am to 11:00pm.

Confirmed Special Guests & Lecture Speakers, more speakers to be announced

George Noory ~ Author & Radio Host of Coast to Coast AM & History Channels Ancient Aliens Series Star

Ruben Uriarte ~ Author, International Researcher for Mufon

Rob Simone ~ Author, Radio Host, International Ufology Researcher

James Fox ~ Director, I Know What I Saw

Servando Gonzalez ~ Author, Researcher, Riddle of the Ancient Swastika

Dan Dillman ~ Ancient Civilization Researcher, 3rd Generation Treasure Hunter

John Rhodes ~ Cryptozoologist

Lester Velez ~ UFO Investigator

Olav Phillips ~ The Anomalies Network, Researcher

Mr. Lobo ~ Innovative Horror & Sci-fi TV Host

Brian William Hall ~ Researcher, Conspiracy Con Founder

Confirmed Films

Films are subject to change or be replaced by another movie or speaker, the final schedule is almost completed.

The Thing, Roswell UFO Cover Up, Out of The Blue, Forbidden Planet, It Has Begun, I know What I Saw, Moon Rising, Capricorn One

Buy Tickets Now Weekend Special $ 149 both Days or $ 89 per day. The UFO X FEST will be a once in a lifetime experience, filled with two entertaining days of knowledgeable speakers, films and special guest all sharing their latest research of facts and undeniable evidence with the world.

The UFO X FEST transforms at night into an entertainment hotspot with live music, magic and comedy inside the bay area’s Historic Bal Theatre located at 14808 East 14th Street in San Leandro CA 94578

The UFO X FEST is sure to attract thousands of visitors and attendees every year. The UFO X FEST will become one of the worlds leading forums and authority in ?Cosmic Research?, everything under the sun and well beyond. If you are interested in, UFO’s, Science, Technology, 2012, Signs & Symbols, Conspiracies, Earth Changes, Crash Retrievals, Ancient Civilizations, Reptoids, Crop Circles, Space, Time, Conciseness, GOD and Existence, Then join us on our quest through the Star Gate on the path to truth light and knowledge.

Dan Dillman executive producer of the UFO X FEST states this years UFO X FEST is without a doubt lining up to be the most exciting UFO X FEST imaginable. I believe the UFO X FEST will be the most enlightening event a family, couples, friends or individuals should and could be attending this year for wisdom, truth and great entertainment. The UFO X FEST is conveniently located in the San Francisco Bay Area?s East Bay region in San Leandro California inside The Historic Bal Theatre.

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