The Aldebaran Mystery – Nazi UFO Secrets

During Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, did a daring group of Nazi scholars and technicians learn the secrets of anti-gravity and space travel from extraterrestrials? If true, these conclusions may shock and amaze you. Get the facts about UFO Secrets of World War II – The 3rd Reich and beyond, in a way that will change the way we stare up at the stars for years to come. NOW ON DVD – The Aldebaran Mystery and The Eisenhower Briefing Papers: UFO Secrets of the 3rd Reich and World War II DVD Double Feature – LOADED WITH BONUS FEATURES, 148 min., CAT# U81101 – Go to
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25 thoughts on “The Aldebaran Mystery – Nazi UFO Secrets

  1. “The open-minded see the truth in different things: the narrow-minded see only the differences.” – Charles F. Kettering

  2. @JavierVMaldonado BILLY MEIER is nothing more but a god damned fake, just like that homo Greer, that
    ‘ is the real truth

  3. @JavierVMaldonado HAHAHAHAHA, i just watched a video on his pictures that he took of the aliens and of space, lol what a complete crock of shit lol. those pictures looked like some child had a camera from 1920 and was taking pictures of the ground lol. you can’t expect us intelligent people to actually believe those photos do you? god you must be the most gullible and retarded person i have ever seen on youtube. lol go smoke more crack idiot.

  4. @JavierVMaldonado sorry but your prophet is a fake, if he was a real prophet the world would already know about him. i have never heard of this idiot and your completely retarded for believing in him.

  5. @JavierVMaldonado have you guys all lost sight of god?? remind me not to give you guys any power if i ever rule the world because you all are godless sinners, believing in aliens when you should know damn well they are demonic forces. may god have mercy on your souls when the “alien disclosure” comes out.

  6. umm, no they didn’t get the info from ET’s lol, do your research, he was invested in the occult and was channeling demons.

  7. this video shows every thing except for the simple real thing-candid documentation of the so called ufo phenomenon why is that-the emphasis is on the commercial in the beginning of the videos & the credits of the the producer etc as if that adds anything to the truth of this development in the reality currently presenting it’s self & the past of this phenomenon-if hitler had tecnology-matching these things (ufo) how could he allegedly lose the war or allegedly commit suicide? /phony story ?

  8. @JavierVMaldonado

    If you really want to know the true and real terrestrial history just go and research through the Billy Meier’s official web sites: at FIGU, ww figu org, ww theyfly com

    If right now you have not the balls to recognize the true truth, and about the unique-and-real UFO Case on this planet: THE BILLY MEIER Case, then you human lives will not change for the good either.

    So this is upon your own conscience and courageous.

    Sincerely yours,

    Javier V. Maldonado

  9. @JavierVMaldonado

    And take world dominace and “ruling” over the few human nations who have survived after the massive worldwide war-destruction between Terrestrial Atlantis community/civilizacion (which come for alien Star-System) and Empire of Lemuria (who also come from outer-space), who have fighted and destroyed themselves.

  10. @JavierVMaldonado

    FYG, when you stated that the criminal NAZI ORGANTIZATION was helped by extraterrestrial evil humans, I may tell you that they were not from Alderaban Sytem, they came from Syrian Stellar System; and call themselves like the BAFAAH or GIZA INTELLIGENCE (Men in Black), and they have lived between terrestrial nations, since last 14,000 years ago.

  11. @JavierVMaldonado

    When you, all of you, be capable to learn, understand and finally live according the amazing and top-important knowledge, information and wisdom given by our beloved 7th Great Prophet of Truth on Earth…then your own lives and purpose of life will change for the good for ever.

  12. @JavierVMaldonado

    This is the breaking-point on the time for terrestrial mankind in order to face the unfortunate and difficult moments for our own survival:

    • 2012 Star-natural events,
    • 2029/36, Meteor Collision launched to this planet, as final test-event for our awakening to the real and power Creation Laws and Life.

    When you, UFO TV COMMUNITY, and most of Terrestrial mankind be able to truly recoginize and consider the wonderful and amazing work of life of BILLY MEIER…

  13. @JavierVMaldonado

    I am regarding to The “BILLY” EDUARD ALBERT MEIER case, from Switzerland.

    He is not only a simple swiss farmer.

    He is the 7th Great Prophet of Truth on Earth planet.

    He is the Prophet of New Age of Aquarium.

    The New Age of Aquarium is not just a new spiritual era for terrestrial mankind,

    This is the breaking-point on the time for terrestrial mankind in order to face the unfortunate and difficult moments for our own survival:

  14. UFOTV Presents…:
    The Aldebaran Mystery – Nazi UFO Secrets

    Dear Friends of UFO TV:

    Thank you so much for kind and generous sharing this important video-report, from the hidden real terrestrial history in 20th Century.

    And finally you have recognized, at least just in a small part, about the most important human event happened on terretrial history on last 2.000 years.

    I am regarding to The “BILLY” EDUARD ALBERT MEIER case, from Switzerland.

    He is the Prophet of New Age of Aquarium.

  15. @wondermixx956 You should be thankful that the Me262 & Horton 229; the King Tiger Tank were not in the war from the beginning. The Me262 & Horton 229 would have swept the skies clean. The Sherman tank was pathetic against a King Tiger tank with 88mm gun. Sherman rounds couldn’t penetrate the amour. If Hitler had recalled every division in France to Russia Germany would be assaulted but with Russia surrendered there would have been a negotiated settlement. Something unlooked for.

  16. @music4themasseseu In 1932-33 Stalin killed more than 10 million Ukrainians alone. That’s not counting all the mass murdered folk by the Communists from 1917-40 in other places in USSR. You want mass murder just look under Communist regiemes in China, Korea, Cambodia. 2 million in Cambodia. The Conquistadores in Central & South America depopulated the whole continent. Romans themselves began their own final solution. The jews were lucky to survive the Romans. The Trail of Tears used bio.

  17. if germany did build saucer shaped craft they couldnt arm them because the anti gravity propulsion units used to power such vehicals would destroy the craft and its occupants so as a weapon of war they were useless

  18. @gargameel007 your nazi grandparents and their comrades killed almost 2 million people in my country so i guess that.. makes them monsters

  19. dont you think if the nazis were so technologically advanced they would of won the war no matter what? i mean who cares if their inventions were discovered or not, or ppl found out they were talking to aliens, they were gonna win! right?

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