Test shows Roswell UFO may be Extraterrestrial

Frank Kimbler comes to Open Minds to show testing he has done on metal he found at Roswell crash site.
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0 thoughts on “Test shows Roswell UFO may be Extraterrestrial

  1. They won`t just come out with the facts plain and simple. This guy i`m sure
    was offered a ton of money for coming out rights in a book or something.
    Otherwise we would know definatly the results of these tests.

  2. @rickythepitbull its beacause of the lost percetns we need to even with the
    et-implant with the starchild skull with the et artifact and the other
    rosell wreckmaterial…they ca. 95% not 100% (they have to pay alot of
    money for the 100% study)

  3. Makes me laugh at this being from outer space.I do not think so seeing i
    worked on the craft inside groom lake nevada.

  4. @rickythepitbull Good point. They figured that out and changed the title to
    “*Test shows* Roswell UFO may be Extraterrestrial”. Saying “proof that …
    may be…” was horrible.

  5. OMG!!!!! hes the guy that sells american guns to russians in brasil!!! from
    MW211 where your in the favelas!

  6. The implications if Kimbler’s material turns out to be of extraterrestrial
    origins and manufacture are of course startling. Could he have the smoking
    gun to prove we are being visited by an intelligent civilization from
    another planet, and that they crashed outside of Roswell in 1947? THANKS
    for the update: Open Minds – MJ12Dave

  7. @Misstorys as far as i know the FBI declassified documents have reveled
    that more than one Unknown flying Object was brought down by a strong radar
    the goverment was testing over New Mexico and in fact they have found the
    abandoned bases where this radars had been used as well as footage of this
    radar.People who were in charge and collaborated with this project have
    come forward and indeed provident more information about this secret black
    book project.

  8. @KONTRAORDEN Yep that I know. And yes Roswell craft was most probably
    brought down by the system however these docs were not specifically
    referring to the Roswell incident as such as I told before so that
    particular doc is not proof of Roswell. Of course Roswell happened thats
    obvious by now.!

  9. what more proof do you need go to the FBI declassified UFO files they have
    admitted that something crashed in Roswell new Mexico 1947

  10. This may be a stupid question but, I wonder if they ever try any simple
    tests after the isotope tests. Can you easily scratch it with another piece
    of metal. Does it weigh the same? Will it melt at the same temp that other
    aluminum pieces melt. Just curious.

  11. @ella5024 OH how stupid people are ! This is complete nonsense what you are
    writing and makes no sense at all. Its not even technicaly possible ! This
    is humor only. Orbs are projecting images ? An image only can be projected
    by a holographic projector ! So fail nr. 1. Holograms are not ET tech. fail
    2. why should they holo birds, planes and insects oh I forgot automobiles ?
    fail 3. Microwave Orbs ? fail 4. its so stupid ! but have fun with nonsense
    if you will.

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