Total crap. Looks like something the “CousinsBrothers” aka would put out. They might have already uploaded it, but I don’t care enough to even check their channel to see. I have challenged them to a duel (of some sort – not sure) and they have accepted. Ne way, crap video!!! Fake eyewitness report: “leaving indiana on my way back to phily scare as hell !!!!!what happens was that it was on one side of the van then It came toward us and it whent to the otherside of the van quick I got scare when it came toward me so I jump and tryed to get film on other side of the van window. We were in shock!!!!” source:
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Chillicothe Ohio Janurary 25 2012 over scioto river if video is a black screen use 240p video quality