by Djumbo

Spoon bending was a psychic art popularized in the 1970s by Uri Geller. But this worldwide craze was a short lived and ill-advised NWO attempt to research the estimated numbers of people who actually have this talent worldwide. Very few people have this talent in measurable quantity but the continuing research showed two startling aspects of this psychic art. One is that skeptics can halt the successful completion of spoon bending in localized areas. And two, groups of believers can greatly amplify the success of spoon bending in localized areas and also project it at great distances. The far reaching military aspects of this knowledge led to the widespread debunking of spoon bending in general as the NWO realized its error in ever publicly researching spoon bending and popularizing it in the media.

The NWO had electronic amplification technology of psychic energy for tele-kinesis but with non-military groups of people able to achieve similar results the weapon of this psychic art becomes a nightmare for modern mechanical and electronic armies that rely on technology to multiply their force and project it worldwide. For example if environmental groups got together with a talented psychic individual they might be able to disable all whaling ships at a distance many times each whaling season and virtually end the whaling harvest entirely with no one knowing they did this. Other countries might develop this psychic technology to disable any and all missiles before they are ever launched or even after they are launched.

The many UFO craft retrieved for study have very curious aspects to their manufacture and interior design. The UFO crafts have no seams or right angles anywhere and are molded into one solid super strong piece with all rounded curves and no switches or outer projections of any kind to manipulate. This has great meaning when fighting an opponent who has this psychic ability of tele-kinesis. The three man fighters would then consist of a pilot, an offensive officer of beam weapons, and a psychic offensive and defensive officer for amplified electronic psychic defense of the UFO craft itself and to project psychic attacks on weak spots of nearby enemy craft. All of the rounded and solidly fused craft parts with no outer switches are not vulnerable to the relatively low foot pounds of strength of psychic forces. But there are some internal UFO mechanisms that still need to be protected by the defensive UFO officer from psychic attacks and manipulations. This is most likely the method of UFO fighter attack and defense against an equal opponent in possible hostile UFO engagements of today.

True conventional psychic soldiers of the future would develop a playbook of the weakest points of all enemy weapons system to most easily damage them psychically. All rifles and ordinances can likewise have weak spots to focus on psychically to disable them or weaken their metal parts dramatically. And all electronics and machinery of any kind of the enemy can also be disabled at a distance through amplified psychic means.

The electronic smog today of modern societies is not an accident. Microwave ovens, cell phones, and hundreds of other electric smog generating devices are mostly intentional to limit psychic development in the general populations of mankind to keep this technology for the elite. Short term blackouts are not long term enough to end this electronic smog to see major increased psychic effect results. But a coronal mass ejection in 2012 might end Earthly electronic smog for many years which will bring about a rebirth of the older psychic arts which were more widespread in ancient times. Most all modern armies would have their worst nightmares realized if their modern expensive weapons could be neutralized by a simple group of citizens projecting psychic attacks on modern weapons platforms.

Future NWO weapons such as HARRP would be extremely open to this type of psychic attacks from citizens who do not wish to be mind controlled or dumbed down psychically into a perpetual working class existence. These types of HARRP weapons would have to be similarly hardened as UFOs are and constantly protected by talented psychics to remain operational.

Much of the spoon bending instructions may now be incorrect or misguided to mislead the public in learning spoon bending so that they will fail at this. Metals are particularly easy to bend it is thought because they are crystals by nature and much more coherent. Metals and all matter are solidified light and so metals are more intelligent and coherent than other non-crystal matter. Because of this man can communicate and act upon crystal type matter and metals much more easily than non-crystals such as plastics. This may be why UFO construction materials are always a mixture of metals and non-crystal materials so that they are superstrong but not very coherent and intelligent. Thus the materials of a UFO are much more resistant to psychic attacks which would make them weak or fail when attacked by an enemy psychically.

Correct spoon bending instructions would have the person expand their awareness to envelop the targeted metal and simply ask the metal’s assistance to bend or change as you will them to change. By contacting the infinite and communicating through it with lower intelligent coherent metals you acquire infinite potential energy to complete your task and bend or change the metal. It is not so much your will that is acting on the metal. It is more a request and agreement for assistance in accordance with your will that get results and perform the psychic change of the metals.

Time of day greatly affects the outcome or communication with metals in spoon bending. It is known that all men are naturally 400% more psychic around the one hour per day that they are aligned with the galactic center of the galaxy. The cosmic light of millions of stars of our galaxy is highly coherent like a laser when aligned with the galactic equator and center. A half hour before alignment and a half hour after alignment is the best time to meditate for world peace and perform psychically. (See “The Best Times To Meditate For World Peace” by J.E. Ante — for an easy way to calculate this galactic alignment each day.)

There seem to be two major groups of civilizations in the galaxy. Those that use psychic energy and those that do not. Those that do have largely ended massive expenditures for war, ended expensive medical technology for healing, and ended pyramidal power structures that favor the elite. Those that do not use this natural psychic technology or actively suppress it such as our Earth have many wars, much ill-health and disease, and an elite power structure of great disparity. Hopefully the genie is now out of the bottle and in time individual citizens can band together to make expensive machines of war obsolete and outmoded elite power structures a thing of the past.

This and all of my articles can be reposted anywhere without permission.

J.E. Ante, Graduate University of Indianapolis BA 1972, Head of the Life Science Institute Health Library, original organizer of first Earth Day in 1970 and local ZPG chapter in Indiana, Population and Environment Editor with Reflector at Indianapolis University, 12yr organic gardener with fruit, nuts, and berries, lifelong student of Out-of-Body spiritual techniques.( http://www.articlesbase.com/authors/joseph-ante/201241.htm )

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