Sos: the Ufo’s are Coming!

This is not meant to be a joking matter. Ask any man (or woman) on the streets of Arizona, USA. Or try searching UFO’s on the Web. Chances are that you will be taken there to see eyewitness accounts.

Not that it is a Western phenomenon. Because ET sightings have been reported in Africa and Asia, and books have been written on the subject.

These little green men are coming from the tenth universe and traveling 100 times at the speed of light to colonize the earth and enjoy its rich natural resources. They have hitherto been feeding on stars before this discovery. At that speed, they would arrive here in a 100years.

But they are not arriving here with WMD’s. They are carrying stars in their food pouch to last them for the 100-year long journey. The trouble for us is that the nearer they approach earth, the worse for us.

The bottomline therefore is this: The UFO’s are causing the global warming!

The polar bears and migratory birds first saw this and warned us. Now the scientists, farmers, and fishermen have lent credence to the story. There is talk of the coastal cities being buried under the oceans, of drying bodies of water, and desertification.

Books have been on global warming, people have won Nobel Prizes and the UN Chief himself flew to Antarctica to see melting ice with his own eyes!


The problem though is that man is skeptical by nature. Warn humans of volcanic eruption, earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, or of an approaching conflagration. Man would elect to see with his eyes like Ban Ki-moon before believing. So do you believe the UFO’s are coming to burn us to death and seize our earth?

The death of the dinosaurs came suddenly millions of years ago. The most stupid reason that I have read of their demise is that the huge creatures destroyed their eggs. How can they self-destruct?

It is similar to the talk of man producing green house gases and killing himself. Hogwash and damn lies!

The most plausible theory for the death of the dinosaurs is the sudden change in thee earth’s thermostat. In like manner, the ET’s are on their way to singe humans to death with their food pouch of stars. The sad part is that while the dinosaurs have the Jurassic Park to remember their story, we would not have a Hominid Park.

So what are we to do in the face of this threat of mass extinction?

The US has already taken the lead by voting millions of dollars for scientists to once again resume their search for these elusive space aliens. But I would equally like the G.8 to join in the search.

The UN Scribe should summon an emergency meeting of the General Assembly of the UN, alert the world body of this impending danger, and request urgent fund for this campaign. After all, their sovereignty is at stake and the US–the world’s largest debtor nation is in the forefront of this hunt.

The solution then is not in controlling global carbon emissions but to nuke these fiendish space aliens to death from the International Space Center before they enter our universe.

Meanwhile the world scientists should start preparing Intergalactic Missiles (IM). Tall order?

We can overcome. This is the greatest emergency confronting the world today. Every other thing is secondary. We have lived with wars and terrorism, hunger and poverty, diseases and disasters for the past 6,000 years.

I am already putting down a bestseller on our ultimate victory with the title, “How We Vanquished UFO’s.” Congratulations!

Arthur Zulu is a writer and publisher.

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Arthur Zulu is a writer and publisher.

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