Shirley Maclaine Becomes A UFO Conspiracy Reporter

Already a knowledgeable New Age author, researcher and practitioner of sorts, Academy Award-winning Actress Shirley MacLaine seems to have added UFO conspiracy reporter to her resume. In her latest book, Saging While Aging, Shirley reveals what she knows or has learned about various incidents involving UFOs, the military, intelligence services and famous people. The well-known performer that has appeared in almost sixty films to date recently discussed her book and shared some of these revelations with Whitley Strieber on his Dreamland web cast.

One of the most-shocking claims made by the veteran actress is that the late John Mack, professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University and alien abductions researcher, may have been murdered. Dr Mack was killed by a drunk driver as he stepped off a curb in London, England, near Totteridge Lane and Longland Drive on September 27, 2004. He was walking home alone after a dinner with some friends when the incident occurred. Shirley says that another person named John Mack was also killed by a drunk driver around the same time in another part of London.

Another story Shirley shares is one that she heard from Lucille Ball involving the late Ronald Reagan. While he was still an actor, Ronald Reagan was attending a party with several other celebrities at a private residence in Los Angeles. The actor and his wife arrived several hours late. According to well-known actress and comedienne Lucille Ball, Reagan took her aside and told her that he and his wife Nancy had an amazing experience on the way to the party.

Ronald Regan told Lucy that he and Nancy were driving on Mulholland Drive when a UFO landed near their vehicle. Although this story has been told before, a number of new details were added. For example, Shirley MacLaine says Lucille Ball told her that Reagan claimed a ladder appeared and an alien climbed out of the craft. The alien told him to quit his acting work and go into politics. The most popular version of that same story doesn’t include the appearance of an alien or what he said to the former California Governor and President of the United States.

MacLaine had a few more surprises in store for Whitley Strieber and his audience. One was that she believed the popular account that President Eisenhower met with aliens at what is now Edwards Air Force Base in 1954. Another was her admiration for the late Dr Michael Wolf and the information he shared with paranormal researchers. Dr Wolf is well known to some in the UFO field as a U.S. Government Insider that spent roughly the last ten years of his life sharing some of what he knew or had learned about UFOs and aliens. Those revelations included as much as he was allowed to reveal about U.S. Government involvement with aliens.

Fellow paranormal researcher Dick Criswell and I spent years speaking with Dr Wolf., Dick much more so than I. Michael Wolf spoke about things involving UFOs and aliens in the 1990s that were completely unknown to UFO researchers at that time. That caused him more than a few problems with many in the UFO research community where already jealous and distrustful people took aim at his claims. Despite almost complete rejection by major UFO research organizations, Dr Wolf’s information was credible and time has proven him to be correct. Several video and audio presentations by or about Dr Wolf are offered at

Shirley MacLaine first stirred up a hornet’s nest with her new book by revealing that Democratic presidential contender Dennis Kucinich (House of Representatives, D-Ohio) had seen a UFO while at one of her homes located near Seattle, Washington. That brought a number of embarrassing questions for Kucinich and revealed how the mainstream media simply refuses to take the subject seriously.

MacLaine’s new book is more than just the usual New Age fluff and I’m not sure that her loyal readers are ready for what she has to say. However, I thank her for her honesty and suggest you read Saging While Aging. In a culture devoted to youth, it’s important to remember how much we can learn from those who have experienced life and few have done so more fully than Shirley MacLaine.


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