Sheepskin Area Rugs

If you’re in search of a large area rug you usually think oriental or Persian. Have you ever wondered what a thick and deliciously plush sheepskin rug would look and feel like in your living room? Not a lot of people actually get the larger sized sheepskin rugs so you might not even see one in your lifetime. A lot of people also have a certain style in mind, and even though a sheepskin rug looks great on most floors, it still might not work with the overall decor.

Sheepskin area rugs are big and come in a whole bunch of different sizes, even custom if you prefer. I once went to a tradeshow that happened to have 16 single pelt’s sewed together to make one giant rug. I was blown away at its size, was scared to look at the price tag, and I just had to ask where that rug was heading after the show. I learned that it was going to adorn the floors of a luxury cabin out in Aspen, and to tell you the truth I’m not the least bit surprised.

As I said there are a ton of size options to choose from, but I’d like to start out talking about the two most popular. Sexto And Octo would be the two describing words that are key here. The sexto is of course six pelts sewed together, and octo is eight. If you’re looking for area rugs online the most important factor to keep in mind is the price. The quality of rugs is what you should be most concerned about so always find out where the sheepskin comes from, and if it’s 100% authentic. There are a lot of synthetic sheepskin rugs out there and you’ll be surely disappointed at the quality difference.

The lowest size sheepskin rug I’d consider an area rug would be the quad/quarto size. This size is better suited for your bedroom, or in that mountain side condo getaway. This size rug is also a lot easier to move around, and I’ve even heard of a few celebrities traveling with their rugs. Anything smaller in my books shouldn’t be considered an area rug.

Last but not least, check with the shop you’re buying from and see if they sew the rug only when the order comes in. The best shops with the best rugs will only go this route to insure the best possible area rug. If you’re going to be ordering a custom sized rug, say 10 pelts or more, I’d recommend having the shop double check the sewing job because you don’t want to have to send that back.

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