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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is often an overused and misunderstood term. If you are a business owner you probably get 5 calls a day from so call “SEO Experts” telling you that they have the secret sauce and they can get you to the top of Google and have leads pouring in, just write them a check.

Have these people even asked you about YOUR business, what YOUR needs are or what YOU might be trying to accomplish? Each business in unique with different needs.

What if you have list of current customers that you could tap into – don’t need SEO for that. You need some good email marketing.

Maybe you are getting some leads but aren’t making many sales. Well then you need to focus on finding a way to find a way to convert them better.

Let’s say you do want a greater presence on the internet – more leads and more customers. What “SEO” methods are you going to use. There are many types; link building, video marketing, article marketing, social media, on-page and off page optimization … just to name a few. Makes your head spin, doesn’t it?

Are all methods appropriate for all business types – NO! What happens once you get on top of the search engines? Is it enough to drive people to your web page and expect leads, well not if your website it not optimized to capture leads.

Many businesses would be better off having a “Landing Page” with basic information and an offer such as a free report or something of value that they offer in exchange for the searchers name, phone an email address.

So before you start thinking about handing over your hard earned dollars, make sure that the “Expert” you are talking with understands your business and what you are trying to accomplish.

You will want to know why what they are proposing is appropriate for your business and how they are going to help convert the traffic into leads and the leads into sales.

Cliff Pelloni is web video and online marketing expert who helps business get found online, get more leads and more customers. The Free Report – 5 Fatal Mistakes Business Owners Make with their Online Marketing is available at

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