Russian Roswell crashed ufo & alien recovered – part3/4

This is about supposedly a ufo and badly decomposed alien that was recovered Secret KGB UFO Files some Released.

0 thoughts on “Russian Roswell crashed ufo & alien recovered – part3/4

  1. this is such a bullshit hahaha..all the experts are so agreeable why didnt
    they ask somebody who is sceptic about all that shit..

  2. ha ha ha ha perhaps you need to take a better look at the definition. the
    THEORY of evolution is not fact, hence why i use the word dogma. ha ha that
    was a terrible analogy if you WERENT trying to prove my point. i said that
    aliens could not exist because of the unbelievably low chance of life ever
    just appearing on a planet, much less manifesting itself in the form of a
    small human. (never get the same order).

  3. @frankensteinmoneymac, NATO has “informational” documents discussing 152
    Varieties of Aliens living in our Galaxy right now, I read them whilst at
    SHAPE in Belgium, which I do consider answers the question. Training
    materials cover a broad spectrum, so why not as I mentioned? The other
    perspective is that, the above footage as presented by Sir Roger Moore in
    the defunct Tv Show, is nothing more than Mafioso cashing in on a failed
    movie project. Jesus? Hitler? Witches? YT covers these or Google.

  4. I believe in evolution to I love it but the fact is civilization is turning
    up more and more evidence that it goes back a lot longer than expected so
    evolution is pushed back a lot longer. Its awesome how they find these
    things. They discovered not to long ago that religion is about 60-70 000
    years old. That is around the time they started to do rituals and human
    sacrifices. Do you believe in UFO’s and Alien beings visiting the earth?

  5. I find it to be beautiful! But I think the evidence piles on much much
    longer than expectred but many scientists wo n’t acknolwegde it yet but
    htere is evidence. Its a mystery isn’t it the sole purpose of existing.

  6. i think they are criticizing this video from the wrong angle, forget about
    wether real doctors or not, or whether the operating techniques are
    correct. This video can’t prove that it’s a corpse of a alien that they are
    working on. It cuold be anything, a little african boy or something

  7. So e volution still a fact I believe it to but they are finding new
    evidence for what? Longer evolution or shorter? What else do they find?

  8. O ok i understand i misread what you said, i thought you were saying
    evolution didn’t happen because the odds were so low. Also the definition
    of dogma is unchanging doctrine that is studied and worshipped. The theory
    of evolution changes when new evidence is found and holes are filled, it’s
    studied but not worshipped. it doesn’t fit the definition of dogma.

  9. i literally could not agree with you more. whether you are religious or not
    you have to agree that this movie is fake. if you are religious then you
    believe everyone was created in god’s image, meaning that aliens would look
    exactly like us. if you arent, and you believe in the darwinist dogma, then
    you have to agree that planets billion of lightyears away from eachother
    could not possibly produce two EXTREMELY similar beings.

  10. flash frames? being when you hold down the button yes, well each photo
    taken for these people to be in them must have arrived pretty quickly for
    the film not to be overexposed and appear fully white. imo this guy doesn’t
    know what he’s talking about.

  11. Im talking about the rise of homo sapiens and birth to civilization. They
    say about 5-6 tyhousand years old but there is small bits of evidence that
    say it is much older. Also why don’t you believe in it? Have you looked at
    other alternatives of evidence? There is lots. Why would they all be lieing?

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