Russian Roswell crashed ufo & alien recovered – part2/4

This is about supposedly a ufo and badly decomposed alien that was recovered Secret KGB UFO Files some Released.

0 thoughts on “Russian Roswell crashed ufo & alien recovered – part2/4

  1. How do you know this? Why would they r eport it then? Yes for a story but
    there is much more to this than beats the eye. It simply has more evidence
    that should be examined.

  2. If I were a UFO tv show, I’d totally fake some video and do an ‘exclusive’
    show about this possible ‘evidence’. Also, I’d make it Russian, because
    then you can just block any real investigations. Cui Bono

  3. me back inside, my sister was deep asleep she didn’t even wake up the whole
    time…the noise was big enough to wake up the whole city…. The next
    morning The” Novosti” News had announced that a meteor had crashed and that
    the area and the roads are blocked off and no one is in any circumstances
    is aloud anywhere near the place in

  4. That is correct, at that angle, the trees should be broken, even if the
    scene was cleared up a bit by a supposed military, there would still be
    some debris and not a perfectly clean clearing. A aircraft crashing
    wouldn’t have such accuracy to crash in a clearing anyway if that were the

  5. Sounds to me like these ufo’s come a long way to crash on this planet..And
    there seem to be alot of crashes..billions of light years to crash on this
    planet… Way to many crashes…

  6. i have heard of that theory but that doesnt explain why we only heard of it
    now, if it was meant to be counter-intelligence, it would have leaked
    earlier and not after the collapse of the soviet union.

  7. This is one of the better UFO/alien documentaries i’ve seen in a while.
    It’s straight out of the x-files.

  8. neibourhood…nobody knew what happened and what was going on….someone
    said it was a plane crash…our neighbour suggested maybe military is
    experimenting on something…i was still partly def….the air was filled
    with light fog and smelled like something was on fire mixed with dry
    send,kinda when you ridding your bicycle and suddenly fell off it on the
    road,that sandy dry taste

  9. What is russians have intentionally created that film to confuse the
    americans and let them believe that they have found alien aircraft. Meaning
    that the KGB have leaked that film to the public for the americans to see
    and think Ohh the russians have got something and might use its technology
    againest us. U know how cold war was all about “overwhelm the enemy”. Well
    this could be a theory.

  10. The fact that it could have been there for some time would have allowed
    soil to gather around the crater formed. Russia is huge, so it would be
    quite possible not to notice it.

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