Roswell UFO researcher claims he has alien photos – Spacing Out! Ep. 98

A key researcher of the 1947 Roswell UFO incident claims he has photos of an extraterrestrial. That and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out! Storie…
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0 thoughts on “Roswell UFO researcher claims he has alien photos – Spacing Out! Ep. 98

  1. Tom Carey missed the boat. Aliens have already been proven. I would remind
    you of the book Inside the Real Area 51 on page 21 written in 2013 says
    “Within the past 20 years Roswell has become an international household
    phrase, synonymous with cover-ups and government deception.” Really, in
    1993. This is just the first page. Maureen has provided more, and better
    proof, aliens exist then Tom.

  2. I doubt the pics will get releast now. Announcing that you have them gives
    the powers that be time to get to you! 

  3. Appreciate the show; you seem to manage to cut through a lot of the rubbish
    and disinformation that’s around, whilst keeping an ‘open mind’ as to the
    UFO reality – so the show is well titled. Wish it were longer and you could
    cover more topics. Thanks to both of you and all involved in production,
    it’s great to listen to some common sense:)

  4. LOL – Usually those Manchester blokes are pulling birds. Now one was pulled
    by a U.F.O. Just kidding, doesn´t look quite like a reflection to me. Maybe
    they/E.T. are interested in this huge area of deprivation within an
    otherwise rich country for reasons of compassion.

  5. David Icke mentioned a film this week called they live and how it was more
    of a documentary. I purchased this film from Amazon for a couple of pounds
    and to be honest I’m stood beside myself in shock at how much code or
    hidden messages are in there. If your awake I plead with u to watch this
    80s movie and forget the storyline and look what’s being given to you. For
    god sake wake up people!!!!! 

  6. Good video guys. Would’ve been cool if Tom Carey actually showed the
    photo. If the film was verified by Kodak then why not show it.

  7. I heard somewhere that the world governments will have to disclose the
    existence of the “tall grays” by 2015, or they will disclose themselves.
    Let’s see how true this is. 

  8. I live in canton Ga. I never see anything and am always looking. These
    dudes ain’t even looking and see them long enough to take pictures.
    Anything that can happen will happen, I absolutely believe.

  9. Thanks for the show – always interesting.

    I’ve got to say that I don’t put much stock in the upcoming alien photos.
    Something this ground-breaking should be front and centre immediately and
    put into the public domain. If they’ve existed since 1947 – why have the
    various owners NEVER displayed them in public?

    The fact that it’s being publicised and yet held back is symptomatic of
    gold-digging. It’s a gravy train for the guy – books and seminars with
    appearance fees et al. That very obvious profit motive probably means it’s
    a fake – and a money grab.

  10. yup an no way ever will we see them or he wil show them is he does it will
    be a rubber toy just like the other dead fool did a few weeks ago

  11. I read recently about a field near the Van Allen belt, 7200 miles above the
    earth which blocks harmful high energy electrons and protons. I was
    intrigued as to what affect this would have on radio waves. Would manmade
    radio waves to and from earth also be blocked? What are the implications to

  12. Doesn’t matter if it’s aliens, bigfoot or anything else. If someone claims
    to have knowledge that they are currently unwilling to go public with then
    it’s a complete lie. There has never been an account of anyone having
    knowledge they can’t share right away being legit. Plain and simple. My
    guess would be that the so called release of the images will be timed with
    a book or some other form of publishing that money is to be made on.

  13. Witness to Roswell is an excellent book on this famous case. I was
    fortunate enough to have meet Walter Hart. He did a great service to us all
    by describing what really happened in 1947. If you haven’t read the book
    get it, the witness list is very impressive. Looking forward to the photos.

  14. The search for the Dollar seems to be top on the list. Sensational claims
    require solid evidence. The Flock has lost it’s way. There are multiple
    truths, but have become, with some exceptions, forgotten. There are
    unknowns out there, but such a divided or money driven field will discover
    nothing. And sadly, many homegrown Technological discovery’s will stay
    buried until a small percentage of our World grows up in multiple ways so
    Humanity can benefit. “Now”, would be a good time to start. VT 

  15. very soon the govts. are gonna have to come clean or loose all
    credibility…and those of us who have seen them know the govts cant keep

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