Roswell UFO incident Google Doodle +solution #goodoocollect

There is a Google Doodle about the Roswell UFO incident on July 8th, 2013. On July 7th 1947 an airborne object crashed on a ranch near Roswell. On July 8th 1…

Is It Really A Government Cover-Up?
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  1. I did mine a little different. I used the radioactive fuel/water on the
    horse, It grew so big that it shook the barn so the disk fell down. As for
    the last one, I just rung the bell so much, it disturbed the sleeping dude,
    so it fell off aswell. Maybe there were other solutions or maybe google
    just didn’t want anyone to epicly fail and rage quit so they also rewarded
    stupid attempts. lol. Fun doodle.

  2. Google (no pun intended) “point and click adventure”, there used to be an
    entire genre of games like this. Monkey Island is an example of one.

  3. Great Doodle! It Seems that there are more possible ways to solve this
    Doodle game. I did not let the tree grow and did not use the feather.
    Furthermore I put the “Magic Can” on the horse and not the cord …
    Unfortunately it won’t be shown in Germany … Just on a few local Google

  4. Roswell and asteroids headed toward earth… Ever read THE MYOSHI EFFECT?
    We’re living it now, although that book’s much funnier than reality.

  5. I mean open-minded meaning, just because something sound ludicrous. Does
    not mean it’s bullcrap. There is evidence that that shows life outside this
    planet. We found bacteria on mars. That’s life technically . But in a
    universe that is so big, we cannot fathom it. You really do NOT need
    evidence. You really don’t if you think about it. We cannot even go outside
    our galaxy. But again, personal message me if you want to hear my story.

  6. Uh, no. Trust me when I say. They have been in contact with aliens. I know
    that for a fact! You want to know why? Let’s just say, I have had a history
    with the government. 😉 And with aliens. Haha

  7. UFO lie created by the U.S. in the Cold War, to sell in bulk and get
    people’s vision of high-tech military weaponry being tested.

  8. size. You are right, it is spelled with two i’s. They were angels who took
    earth woman and produced a hybrid of giants.

  9. I have always believed the Roswell crash was a spy plane from another
    country. It had technology that was advanced from our own in 1947. Our
    government kept it classified because they wanted to study the technology
    and adapt it for our own use. By saying it was a UFO, they never had to
    admit possession of another country’s spy plane. I have written a book
    depicting a realistic (but fictitious) alien encounter. AliensInParadise
    doot com

  10. @ciarann182 The government gave the impression that they covered it up,All
    these guys who we think are spilling the beans are actually keeping the
    disinformation weapon alive,They all talk about what they have seen and yet
    not one was able to get a piece and if a spaceship had crashed their would
    certainley be a lot of pieces.

  11. @zakuza92 they’re probably hiding from us AND I do believe that E.T.s do
    exist, you know why? There are billions of stars and millions of galaxies
    out there, it is too possible that life does exist out there.

  12. Likely scenario: wreckage, bodies and survivor sent to Holloman AFB, then
    Wright-Patterson in Ohio then to Area 51. Ten to one odds when all that
    could be gleaned from the wreckage and bodies was done they were taken ten
    miles west from Area 51 and placed close to ground zero of one of the
    atmospheric/ground level nuclear tests and immolated/incinerated/cremated
    by the blast. Easy way to dispose of evidence. Paper records, films and
    eyewitness reports could all then be denied as fake/crazy.

  13. @GoldenAimBot We’re talking about 1947 when technology was still new. But
    anyway, you answered your own question and that is the impact to earth.
    Think of the layers of atmosphere this craft goes through. Thermosphere
    layer can rise up to 1,500 degree Celsius. And most meteorites let alone
    space crafts burn up when it enters the atmosphere; mesosphere layer- which
    can also reach a temperature of -100 degrees. All that temperature changes
    ends with the impact. Atmosphere protects life on Earth.

  14. Just got done reading the book “Witness to Roswell” the 2nd edition. Makes
    a convincing case that a spaceship with actual none human crew did crash in
    the new mexico desert near Roswell. I urge any skeptics of the Roswell
    incident to checkout!

  15. @CJbass420 Im sure that people must have searched that area looking for the
    tiniest piece of debris,To thoroughly clear that area you would have to
    sift hundreds if not thousands of tonnes of sand or soil,And even then
    traces would still remain that could be detected with modern equipment,My
    opinion still stands,No alien craft crashed in roswell.

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