Roswell UFO crash debris inventory (1947)

If you like PC Games visit: Roswell crash debris inventory. The debris consisted of fragments of metal. If you like PC Games visit:

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0 thoughts on “Roswell UFO crash debris inventory (1947)

  1. Mettre cette video sur le net c’est donner des perles à des cochons.(To put
    this video on the web it is to give pearls to pigs.)

  2. u can see that the debris is proudly made in china, china made also the
    aline in the autopsy

  3. ich kenne das Video es ist Original und es geht noch weiter und zwar war da
    noch ein metallteil was man reindrückt und es wieder von alleine sofort
    sein gestallt aber annimt.

  4. +muchohumpty There are actual F.B.I files regarding these sightings. Under
    the Freedom of Information act, they can’t be kept classified. Go to a
    F.B.I website and search “majestic 12”.

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