Roswell: The UFO UnCoverup – Feature Length Presentation

See actual UFO crash debris tested and found to be truly extraterrestrial. The Roswell UFO crash of 1947 and the ensuing military cover-up set the stage for this explosive documentary about America’s reaction to our planet’s encounter with ETs. Going beyond the question “Did it really happen?”, this program counters 60 years of Air Force denials and focuses on the more compelling aspects of this cosmic mystery: scientific evidence, physical proof, personal testimonies, expert analysis and the cosmic implication of an alien presence here on Earth. Includes: photos, videos, documents and an amazing arsenal of spellbinding interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses and the best-known, most credible UFO authorities in the world today. Roswell: The UFO Uncoverup – Now on DVD, Cat# U438 – Go to

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  1. So when you have corrupt religious authorities deceiving the spirits of people; and, when you have corrupt political authorities deceiving the minds of people, and thus controlling their bodies, the meaning of the words of the Prophet Hosea are understood in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” People perish the world over because of ignorance, but woe unto those who choose to hate the truth; they will perish with both soul(mind, will, and emotions) and body in Hellfire

  2. At Bohemian Grove the world leaders gather to worship one of these fallen angels who is known by many names one of which is “Molech,” who is Azazyel. People of the whole world suffer because of their corrupt ruling authorities because the world’s leaders, including those of the US, are adamant Satanists. Humans use at the most 10% of their brain’s capacity. The remaining 90% is Human Spirituality.

  3. So it is no wonder that after these 7 demons: Fallen Angels were cast out of the Heavens to the earth in Roswell, New Mexico that technology boomed thereafter.
    The Book of Enoch Ch. 8 details what these taught to humanity. Verse 3 reads “Impiety increased; fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their ways.” So it is also no wonder that government corruption including the cover-up of this and more surely increased thereafter. Yes do not be ignorant, but know Truth.

  4. Azazyel taught ill-seduction, metal weaponry, jewelry, make-up, tattooing,the use of stones: channelling.
    Amazarak taught all the sorcerers, and dividers of roots.
    Armers taught the solution of sorcery.
    Barkayal taught astrology.
    Akibeel taught signs and omens, falseflags.
    Tamiel taught astronomy and reprobated versions of the sciences.
    Asaradel taught the motion of the moon, and reprobated understandings of the moon. Where the terms “lunacy” and “lunatic” come from, demon of insanity.

  5. If that is not enough for you, I have to tell you that hardly scratches the surface. But there is one perspective about this so-called “phenomena” that is outside the box of organized religion and political authority. Jesus Christ was no less a threat to the political and religious authorities today as He was 2000 years ago. Yes stop living in ignorance and decadence: Repent and be baptized. Obey Acts 2:38
    You will not get taught that from just any pulpit.

  6. There was nothing “unidentified” about the “cloud” by day and the “fire” by night to Moses and the Israelites. It was not an “abduction” for Elijah and Enoch to physically removed from the earth because they went gladly and willingly. It was not an “unidentified” object and light that appeared to Saul of Tarsus on the way to Damascus. It was not just a fluffy white cloud that received Jesus Christ in His ascension. It was not an “unidentified” flying object to the wise men from the east. ETC.

  7. Those “aliens” did not just crash, they were cast out of Heaven. They had names:
    It is really quite ignorant to think of them as just aliens from another planet with no connection to earth. Ancient accounts in the Book of Enoch as well as the Bible prove otherwise. These fallen angels taught the corruption that western leaders espouse and practice, everything from homosexuality, military arms, astrology, Godless science, and sorcery.

  8. When Mac Brazel described what he found he said it was tin foil, sticks and rubber. His daughter remembered the same. Somehow this ended up in the Roswell religion. The more I know humans the more I like dogs.

  9. whoa!! I saw on a show where one of the things they recovered from the crash was a “alien headband” and they thought it controlled the ship through brain activity! It matches what that guy said how the engine was living and needed activity to control it

  10. @itchithethrilla It says at the end of the video that the “Ballad of Roswell” was written and sung by Michael Horn. I guess that’s the song you meant.

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  12. i think it was a black project plane and to hide the truth the allien tape was made it made us believe the craft was non human.

  13. i tought the youtube videos only could be 10 minutes… but.this is.. almost a1 hour video but thats okey lol

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