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In recent years, China HVAC market along with China’s economic highlights in the development of business opportunities, fully open the market to provide development opportunities for foreign brands. Some brands have a firm foothold in the Chinese market, some brands eager to areas of the UK professional manufacturer of fluid control Roswell latter. For the China market, Roswell began to intensify efforts to develop, not only changes in distribution patterns, but also want to realize the localization of production, marketing campaign increased the intensity is evident. Roswell mainland market has accepted the HC Miss Zhang Li, director of network edited the interview, described Roswell specific market and product development plans to promote the new situation.

Roswell Miss Zhang Li, director of the China market

HC Network: Miss Zhang Li, Hello! I’m glad you accepted our interview you please give a brief history of the development of Roswell.

Zhang Li: Roswell Flow Control Corporation factory based in Birmingham, England industrial city, Roswell employees around the world had less than 100 people from the developed to the current 20,000 people, branches all over the world. 2006 Roswell set up representative offices in Guangzhou, China, setting up representative offices in mainland China will be better for the region Proxy Cooperation Makers to provide better and efficient service.

Roswell products from the original water Pump To the current to pump, industrial Valve Doors, air-conditioning systems such as Automatic Control Valves three competitive products, in an important share of the global market. Especially in air-conditioning system in the Automatic Control Valves, our Thermostat , Balance valve every year to lead the industry development, technical content continuously improve, get rid of. Estimated in the Chinese mainland market in the near future our products will account for 30% -40% industry market share. Looking ahead, we Roswell in the company’s products and strong policy support, there is no reason not to lead the agency in cooperation with mainland China makers of Ben a better future!

HC Network: It is understood that Roswell Hong Kong companies to deal mainly with the Asia Pacific market, mainland China retail market has been dominated by imported, then the current market development in China Roswell any strategy change?

Zhang Li: Overall, the Roswell market development in China is still in market development stage. Roswell Guangzhou, China set up a representative office in mainland China means the board Roswell attention, China’s rapid economic development has attracted the attention of their comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the information, we decided to step up efforts to develop the mainland market. Guangzhou will serve as the Roswell

future market for the continent’s hub of marketing and promotion, from point to area, spreading the national market. Next year we will in the east, north, southwest of the three areas of the three branches. Mainland China within 3 years the market started popularity and reputation. The current situation is good, has recruited agents in many areas full.

Our technical and marketing decisions can be in the market place while maintaining precise control and significant energy saving technologies such as the leading case, strengthening the marketing of our development ideas.

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