ROSWELL CONSPIRACY: UFO Crash in New Mexico in 1947 (720p)

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  1. But, I knew & worked for the retired US Air Force crash retrieval expert
    who was first US officer to lead a top secret incursion into Canada border
    to secure NUKES, bodies & weckage of a downed bomber. His success led to an
    official retrieval team. under his command. Years later he met in secret w/
    me to get it off his chest that he saw an autopsy of an Alien Body. Why
    him? Because if a crash happened HE would have been in charge of securing
    the site & the retrieval. Researchers have confirmed his war record, later
    assigment to Wright Patt & that he first did lead a retrieval mission & it
    did lead to his promotion into being the commanding officer of a a
    retrieval “team”.

  2. Lies and the lying liars that tell them. If you want to know the truth
    about this non-event, read UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL by Saler, Ziegler and
    Moore.”In other words, the Roswell myth will live on, partly because it is
    unfalsifiable-an attribute that it shares with the central myths of most
    theologies-and partly because it serves various functions for those who
    claim to find it credible.” 

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