Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 9, 2006

Look up to the sky on any clear night, and what do you see? For most people, its stars, planets and smog. Not so

for “Susan”, a mysterious Texas woman, who sees UFO’s on every horizon.

“There’s one, ” she says, pointing to the northwest. “Notice the way it flashes reds and greens?”

And she’s right. The star-like object is flashing a rather unusual cycle and pattern of colors. Still, isn’t this

what stars do? Don’t they all ‘twinkle’?

No, Susan insists: “This is different. These UFO’s mask themselves as stars; but, if you know what to look for —

if you’ve communicated with them — its easy to pick them out.”

Did she just say ‘Communicate’?

Yes. In fact, she’s commissioned a friend and author, B.K. Miller, to produce a book detailing the exact method Susan

uses to locate, contact and communicate with these UFO’s. Miller, a skeptic, agreed to the project on the condition

that the book be designed to invite scientific inquiry.

The finished product became UFO Communication: The Stunningly Simple Secret to Making Contact! The title is now

published and available via a dedicated website:

Said Miller: “I’ve never seen a UFO in my life, but Susan’s story fascinates me. I’m happy to release UFO

Communcation to the public on her behalf.”

Is this a real life X-Files anomaly? Or is it simply an unsolved mystery with a reasonable explanation behind it?

Only the truly curious will unearth the answer, and only UFO Communication’s readers will know how.

For more information, visit: or contact B.K. Miller