CNN caught this amazing video of something shiny in a dust storm, then it flew away. Watch the full video here: The full story here: Buy FLuffee hats and more: Main Channel Gaming channel: Business E-mail only: Fan E-mail: Follow me on twitter:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

0 thoughts on “REAL UFO CAUGHT ON VIDEO 2011!

  1. we dont like to be called aliens plus to us ur an alien to me and the goverment is after me help help plz

  2. The Fermi paradox – the probability that life already exists, and the lack of evidence thereof.

  3. It’s likely there is some kind of life somewhere else in the universe, but i’m skeptical they have actually built spaceships and come all the way to hover around earth for a few minutes with no sightings from nearby areas or those giant science telescopes that constantly monitor space etc. I think if they came it’d be obvious.

  4. @Ascerus the writers who inspired by GOD and were in full with the Holy Spirit when writing. if GOD wanted us to know about aliens he’d tell us.

  5. @tylerbillb i still doubt its a ufo to be honest anyway as soon as you inndetify something as a ufo it as a identy and is no longer a unidentified flying object 😛 but i do thing there may be aliens or something out there lol

  6. @OliDoesArtNow dont you think they would have checked that out? any other heli’s in the area would have a camera that they could compare it too

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