Q&A: Why do people have issues accepting so called “UFO”?

by Djumbo

Question by Dust_Of_The_Earth: Why do people have issues accepting so called “UFO”?
I like this quote I found some where…

“ive never seen a rino!!! they dont exist!!! ”

Besides, the universe is so huge that even the dummest
speculator in stock market or vegas would have betted on possibilities of existance of life and that they have visited earth.

Any comments?

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Answer by Mark K
Lets take this one step at a time. UFO’s are just that…Unidentified Flying Objects. They could be many things…birds, airplanes, weather balloons, swamp gas etc etc. but they are UNIDENTIFIED. Problems arise often when people take the leap inferring UFO’s to be occupied by little grey men from far off galaxies.
I agree with you that the odds are very great there is life out in the universe somewhere, possibly intelligent life ( I question whether there’s intelligent life here on earth!!LOL)
So far our best technology we have to the closest planet outside our solar system…would take hundreds if not thousands of years to reach. Even at close to the speed of light it would just be impractical.
About the Rhino….nice quote, but we don’t have to see something like say…..gravity to prove its existence.
You have to think about aliens like this: if they have the technology to span great distances of the universe, why waste thier time with us? It would be like us building a light speed space ship to visit bacteria.

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  1. do you honestly believe that the thousands if not millions of reported UFO sitings are true? until there is proof, logical people will doubt it. I can deal with a rhino (note spelling). I cant exactly deal with a super advanced civilization, which, out of all the places in the universe, decides to visit earth a few hundred times a month.

    and I agree that the universe is large enough to probably have more than one life-filled planet. but again, consider the universe’s size. even traveling at the speed of light the amount of time needed to get here would most likely be incredible.

    so once you come up with real proof, not photoshopped pictures, I will reconsider.

  2. because it goes against there religion to beleive in life in other planets or they trust the government to tell them if they were a real danger or not.

  3. Just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it’s fake. Just like I have not seen Pluto and that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or I’ve never seen a galaxy through a telescope and that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Maybe some people think that if there was aliens in UFOs that they would take over the Earth. And maybe those ‘aliens’ are people from the future who have come back in time… I know time travel doesn’t go with laws of physics and space, but not now maybe the future. But if they were aliens from another planet I bet that they were lookig for life on another planet like we are but they are sending aliens in spacecraft because they are an advanced civilization.

  4. if even a billionth billonth of a percent of planets like ours then theres still milllions out there of planets like ours

  5. A reasonable estimate for the number of galaxies is 10^12 and for the average number of stars is 10^12 giving 10^24 stars in the universe. Even if only one star in a million (pretty stems capable of life.

    So we are in just one of those. Is it probable that life would exist at some point on any of those others? The fact is we don’t know. Perhaps the odds of life developing on one of those planets is one in a trillion and we just happened to be that one or one of a select few. Perhaps it is easy and the universe is teeming with life or relatively so. It’s impossible to say with just one datum.

    There’s the Drake equation which has seven factors or so and the only one that we have the least bit of a clue (and it’s a very least bit) about is the rate of formation of suitable stars. The rest is mere conjecture at this point.

    I think you are right though…I do not think that life is rare in the
    universe. Regardless, this should be cold comfort for UFOlogists or SETI. The history of life on Earth is billions of years old yet the period that we have been able to observe or possibly communicate with the galaxy is merely a brief sliver. The chances that another civilization’s sliver would coincide with ours and over the time it takes for communications to travel the vast distances of interstellar space (forget intergalactic) is probably vanishingly small. The implication being that the communication, if ever, would be one way.

    Regardless, any talk of flying saucers is IMHO bunk.

  6. It is something they dont want to believe. I think if a ufo knocked on someones door and gave them flowers and a box of chocolates they still wouldnt believe it. Even after they seen them take off in their spaceship at the speed of light.

  7. Religion would have a hard time – accepting that intelligent life exists, that they don’t know about.
    Just like with Galileo noting that the Earth is not the centre of the universe, nor this solar system – so, too mankind is not the creme de la creme of intelligent life forms.
    On this planet he may appear to be – but not so in this part of the galaxy. We can’t even leave ‘home’ to check out our neighbours.
    BTW – we should have learnt a great deal about the Moon – but we haven’t … there are still many unanswered questions about the Moon – and NASA can’t be trusted to give us the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Watch the documentary “The Missing NASA Transmissions” to see why…

    Anyway – the public has to be in a receptive frame of mind, of being able to face the truth – whatever that may be.
    Countless Science Fiction shows, films, etc etc that feature evil aliens wanting to take over the Earth – have got to stop. It is such nonsense to constantly have such material in our mainstream media.
    If they were to exist in our reality – they would have taken over our Earth long, long ago – we’ve had over 50 years of such rubbish – are they still being produced, so as to keep us afraid of venturing out into space? Just in case, we do meet up with evil aliens wanting to take over our world, yet again.

    You must understand the power of the media, and how the human imagination can be taken for a ride – like how religion does to us, all – and likewise 50s cold war ideas of aliens taking over the Earth being used to limit our intelligence.

    Read my other answers – where I give references to looking up the Billy Meier and the Plejaren material – so as to be intelligently informed about the real UFOs and ETs…

  8. Fear of the unknown. If humans can build probes to explore our solar system and beyond then why would another technological society not do the same

  9. I don’t think some can fathom the idea that there might be another life form out there, that is intelligent. I’m almost certain that there is life out there, and some it more advanced than we are. Personally to think otherwise is illogical and ignoring a lot. Every month scientists are discovering new planets. Some planets they think have water on them, which could mean life ‘as we know it’.

    The biggest thing I find of those who are not accepting, they couldn’t exist because of what we know. We as a spices do not know a lot when it comes to the universe. Theories are being revised every year, some buck the accepted system.

    I don’t buy the ‘accepted’ beliefs of critics who say because we can’t, they can’t. That would be like saying in a hundred years from now, we’ll have learned nothing new about the universe. This begs the question if we already know everything, then why are we still studying the universe? It’s like saying that right now, this is as fast as a computer will ever get, so stop trying to make it faster.

    We might discover something quite spectacular, it could be tomorrow, or in a hundred years, but if we stop, we’ll never know.

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