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Question by Dust_Of_The_Earth: Why do people have issues accepting so called “UFO”?
I like this quote I found some where…

“ive never seen a rino!!! they dont exist!!! ”

Besides, the universe is so huge that even the dummest
speculator in stock market or vegas would have betted on possibilities of existance of life and that they have visited earth.

Any comments?

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Answer by Mark K
Lets take this one step at a time. UFO’s are just that…Unidentified Flying Objects. They could be many things…birds, airplanes, weather balloons, swamp gas etc etc. but they are UNIDENTIFIED. Problems arise often when people take the leap inferring UFO’s to be occupied by little grey men from far off galaxies.
I agree with you that the odds are very great there is life out in the universe somewhere, possibly intelligent life ( I question whether there’s intelligent life here on earth!!LOL)
So far our best technology we have to the closest planet outside our solar system…would take hundreds if not thousands of years to reach. Even at close to the speed of light it would just be impractical.
About the Rhino….nice quote, but we don’t have to see something like say…..gravity to prove its existence.
You have to think about aliens like this: if they have the technology to span great distances of the universe, why waste thier time with us? It would be like us building a light speed space ship to visit bacteria.

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