Question by Eden Astarte: What is behind the “UFO” phenomenon and what are “the aliens”?
I personally think they are “extra-dimensional beings”; that is beings composed of energy or spirit. A couple months ago I saw a blue streak fly very, very quickly in the sky over my house – much faster than any plane, making no noise and at a fairly low altitude – it was heading west, I live on the East coast of the USA.
By the way, what I saw was no meteor. I have seen meteors before. It was very bright neon blue, low in the sky, 2000-5000 feet up and travelled in a perfectly straight horizontal line. It also was not thin in diameter like a meteor but appear to be about a cm from my perspective sight.

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Answer by Wesley B
“What is behind the “UFO” phenomenon and what are “the aliens”?”

Generally speaking, overactive imaginations, wishful thinking, mistaken identities (fast blue streak sounds like a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere to me, I’ve seen scores of them), a fear of being alone in the universe, and a need to think that there are things greater than us out there even if we have to make-believe to do so.

Pretty much the same things behind the religion phenomenon, only updated to make sense in a modern, technological paradigm. Notice how no one described alien ships in any detail not suited to their own time until we discovered modern techs like flying and television and advanced astronomical understanding. There are no 1845 sightings of large, fast-moving metallic tubes and abductions and scientific probing. Because they didn’t have those things to inspire them then. Sightings are manifestations of modern subconscious feelings and fears and thus reflect the limit and type of our own technologies (aliens are generally bi-pedal humanoids with large craniums; experiments take place with crude physical implements, not sensors and non-invasive probing devices such an advanced race would likely have; they can avoid all attempts at being caught on film or being detected by radar nets, yet they cannot keep an isolated hillbilly unconscious on the probing table, etc).

Aliens are the new angels, that’s all. Whereas people used to have angel sightings, we now have alien ones. we’ve simply updated the old metaphors for modern times is all.

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