Q&A: What is behind the “UFO” phenomenon and what are “the aliens”?

Question by Eden Astarte: What is behind the “UFO” phenomenon and what are “the aliens”?
I personally think they are “extra-dimensional beings”; that is beings composed of energy or spirit. A couple months ago I saw a blue streak fly very, very quickly in the sky over my house – much faster than any plane, making no noise and at a fairly low altitude – it was heading west, I live on the East coast of the USA.
By the way, what I saw was no meteor. I have seen meteors before. It was very bright neon blue, low in the sky, 2000-5000 feet up and travelled in a perfectly straight horizontal line. It also was not thin in diameter like a meteor but appear to be about a cm from my perspective sight.

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Answer by Wesley B
“What is behind the “UFO” phenomenon and what are “the aliens”?”

Generally speaking, overactive imaginations, wishful thinking, mistaken identities (fast blue streak sounds like a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere to me, I’ve seen scores of them), a fear of being alone in the universe, and a need to think that there are things greater than us out there even if we have to make-believe to do so.

Pretty much the same things behind the religion phenomenon, only updated to make sense in a modern, technological paradigm. Notice how no one described alien ships in any detail not suited to their own time until we discovered modern techs like flying and television and advanced astronomical understanding. There are no 1845 sightings of large, fast-moving metallic tubes and abductions and scientific probing. Because they didn’t have those things to inspire them then. Sightings are manifestations of modern subconscious feelings and fears and thus reflect the limit and type of our own technologies (aliens are generally bi-pedal humanoids with large craniums; experiments take place with crude physical implements, not sensors and non-invasive probing devices such an advanced race would likely have; they can avoid all attempts at being caught on film or being detected by radar nets, yet they cannot keep an isolated hillbilly unconscious on the probing table, etc).

Aliens are the new angels, that’s all. Whereas people used to have angel sightings, we now have alien ones. we’ve simply updated the old metaphors for modern times is all.

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  1. The UFO phenomena is nothing but a reach towards the inevitable future! I believe that in such a vast Universe there is likely to exist another planet capable of sustaining life so there probably is “something out there” but not in our reach, yet!!

  2. Actually the first answerer is entirely incorrect. Both angel and alien sightings have occurred since ancient times. The oldest recorded mention of an alien-like being was found on the wall of an Egyptian tomb dating back to 3500 BC. In the 1800s language was not as straight forward as it is today and dating back further it gets even more confusing. Especially when translating dead languages. Odd sightings have occurred as long as recorded history only recently have we understood enough to describe them in detail. For example before there were planes or cars the ancient Greeks described flying shields. Strange fires(or lights) have been seen in Russia. Do I believe hell no I’m just saying aliens are documented like so many cryptids who knows.

  3. omg Wesley B!!! The cognitive dissonance man! You must be either REALLY uninformed or just plain stupid to be claiming those things over the MOUNTAINS of evidence on UFOs. Even physicists like Brian Greene admit that those things are real ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gULeHNh4MBQ ). Man you really need to study the phenomenon. I don’t thing it’s just your misinterpretation of what you heard. I think that you clearly, obviously seriously lack insight on the matter and need to look it up more seriously in order to form a full image of what is actually going on(and has been going on from ever since we could record history).

    Sorry Dude with the question for not answering your question. I just had something to say and said it anyway

  4. Your are quite right about aliens having bodies made of non-physical material. Actually they have bodies made of etheric matter (not exactly spirit or energy, but a different type of matter). Etheric matter is normally not visible to humans, but it is pretty solid all the same (you can not walk through it). The aliens and their spaceship can become visible to us when the vibration rate of this matter is lowered, otherwise they are completely invisible. That is why NASA can not find any living beings or buildings on Mars – they are all made of etheric matter.

    What galls me about skeptics like Wesley is that when the truth finally comes out about UFOs and aliens, these people will pretend that they had nothing to do with the current efforts to suppress this truth either by ridicule and misformation or by outright intimidation.

  5. The upcoming movie “The Fourth Kind” has got its own facebook page where a series of posts of things such as NASA footage are available for viewing. Spend a day looking at what they’ve got, and you’ll realize that UFO skeptics are quickly becoming the next Flat Earth Society. There’s rumors that president Obama is going to make an official disclosure before year’s end, and the sightings are flooding the internet like I’ve never seen the last week.

    There’s now an entire political spectrum emerging in regards to who the beings are and why they’re here.

    The process by which I figured out what’s really going on was a dangerous one that I would spare anyone, so I wrote a novel to basically explain it (The Nonevent Principle).

    In a nutshell, this hypothesis most unites the perspectives of secular scientists and faithful Christians, and causes the witness testimony to make sense:

    The aliens are more powerful and intelligent than humanity, but are not the only such entity(s). They are NOT benevolent, but the barrier to causing all the harm to humans that they would like is not merely a technical one; they operate within a regulatory environment much like a nation or corporation with foreign interests that must reckon with world superpowers. They are most likely here to prove their (losing) side of a “legal” argument and are trying to make pieces of evidence out of humans. The history of struggle for influence over human hearts and minds would go back through history, but overtly supernatural events (and the reactions of humans to them) would be a subset of the total that would be significant to the legal argument I describe. The everyday decisions that humans make and the “ordinary physical world” would actually be the common playing field for it. The two main entities in this legal contest are who are known as “God” and “Lucifer.” Their respective causes are known as “good” and “evil.” The consciousnesses of individual humans are continuously “uploaded” to the “evidence banks” of either “Heaven” or “Hell” throughout earthly life, and depending on whose case whom the human supports until physical death, their consciousness is preserved in one place or the other.

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