Question by J.Alfred Prufrock: Was the “UFO” seen in Chongqing,China five days ago actually the angry ghost of Mao Zedong?
I think there’s a strong possibility that it is(although it could also be a dragon)

.Perhaps the giant,glowing spirit of Mao,disgusted with the continuing liberalization of the Chinese economy,had come back to China to warn his fellow workers about the oppressive genocidal economic system known as capitalism?Should I attempt to ask him via my ouija board?
Are you sure it’s not a dragon?If it’s not the angry spirit of Mao Zedong,than it must be a dragon.
Alright,your comment has scared the Hell out of me.What if this UFO/Angry Ghost of Mao Zedong/Dragon has lasers?Imagine all the people it would kill!
A South African aircraft?Are you sure they are intelligent enough to make planes like that…We’re talking about the same South Africa that proudly acknowledges itself as the murder and rape capital of the world,yes?

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Answer by Bethy
No it was an advanced military plane

Russia is building new advanced planes

The only major nation not building advanced fighter planes and replacing their aging fleets would be Obama’s administration

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