Q&A: “UFO” in china total hoax right?

Question by Laura: “UFO” in china total hoax right?
give me yer opinion on if it was real or fake?

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Answer by Urwumpe
Likely a hoax with a true core. Something possibly really happened there, but the photographs of the event are fakes (reflections of cars in a window) or show the rocket launch of the Progress-M freighter one week before.

Please note that nobody can confirm that the airport was really closed on that day. Even in China, this means something.

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  1. Yep,

    of course. Just the latest hysteria over a meteor or missile captured by amateurish photography. Give the chicken-littles time to calm down and it will fade into the bowels of history, just like all the previous “sightings”.

    Here is about the best writeup about it on the net:

    And while you are at it, have a good read of this site (but don’t read it if strong language offends):


  2. You don’t shut down an airport for a hoax. Just ask Chicago O’hare. They even have AWACS footage.

    I’m not saying it’s not military…but 99.9% of the time test flights are accompanied by helicopters.

  3. they don’t waste money of 18 flights on a hoax,and they don’t do secret military stuff over the largest tourist city in china,so you tell me

  4. And what would be the purpose of making such a hoax? Unless someone had a grudge against Chinese airlines and wanted to shut down that airport. No, it looks like just another failed rocket launch, with the rocket spewing its fuel as it plummets towards earth.

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