Question by Wait a Minute: Should the term “UFO” now be renamed?
Since it is apparent that something is going on, CNN even covered the latest UFO disclosure at the National Press Club, live, without ridicule, I think we need another term. I suggest ASATS or Aerial Super Advanced Technology Sighting. No matter what it is, it displays an advanced technology beyond what is commonly known and better describes the phenomonon over UFOs or flying saucers. Whether it is aliens, neo-nazis, U.S. military, inter-dimensionals, demons, advanced drone, holograms, laser beam technology, or whatever, I humbly think ASATS is a better term than UFO. Thoughts?
Sausage wallet – it was also on Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC and Drudge.

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Answer by Twisted4000
I think UFO should stay since it is, in fact unidentified.

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