Q&A: Should the term “UFO” now be renamed?

Question by Wait a Minute: Should the term “UFO” now be renamed?
Since it is apparent that something is going on, CNN even covered the latest UFO disclosure at the National Press Club, live, without ridicule, I think we need another term. I suggest ASATS or Aerial Super Advanced Technology Sighting. No matter what it is, it displays an advanced technology beyond what is commonly known and better describes the phenomonon over UFOs or flying saucers. Whether it is aliens, neo-nazis, U.S. military, inter-dimensionals, demons, advanced drone, holograms, laser beam technology, or whatever, I humbly think ASATS is a better term than UFO. Thoughts?
Sausage wallet – it was also on Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC and Drudge.

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Answer by Twisted4000
I think UFO should stay since it is, in fact unidentified.

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  1. Sometimes yes these sightings seem to be physical objects – but more often seem to be plasmas.

    There are about 10 cases that are so good they have no scientific explanation…… but the vast majority seem to be a form of plasma that in itself is inexplicable. But is not always logical or possible to go from UFO sighting to solid object – or intelligence. This is a much more rare sighting. Not to dimiss all other cases – just are 10 that no matter how well rational balanced scientists try to debunk them the best answer is are UFOs of an alien nature.

    Michio Kaku: UFOs Are Real – MSNBC

    Dr Kaku was vindicating the military people who did the press release – and the book they just released – these men also are members of the Disclosure Project Group

    The list of 400 members is extremely impressive.

  2. There is no doubt there are UFO’s. See the link. Remember what the “U” stands for.
    Argument from ignorance is being used.

  3. What if the UFOs are rare giant bioluminescent humming birds? I mean, that’s my theory and I think it’s just as plausible as anything else that’s been suggested.

    Your terminology implies that it cannot be natural, effectively excluding all of the most likely explanations.

    EDIT: MSNBC reported a sighting last March. They called NASA, the Pentagon, and the FAA, but they didn’t bother calling an astronomer who would have told them it was Venus.

  4. You get your science from a cable news network?
    None of the big three are any good at reporting science without hype, mistakes, or bias.

    UFO or Bogey it stays.
    Though I prefer the term Unknown Flying Object.

  5. What is going on? Any evidence that there are alien life forms visiting us? The debacle at the press club presented the same rubbish that has been touted for years with no evidence. Until evidence is presented then UFO is apt. Unidentified.

  6. Yeah, UFO is quite undescriptive, I suggest ATWPMATH.
    Advanced Technology, Weather Phenomana, Misinterpeted Average Technology, and Hoaxes.

  7. My thoughts are that you are clutching at straws and have very little understanding of the word ‘unidentified’. Wow!! CNN is your source? Interesting choice to base an argument on. I suppose you get your other information from the new age and pro conspiracy theories scribe ‘Nexus’ magazine?

    Military Supporter: as you think you are so wizened and learned, how, pray tell do you think they would have got here? I am curious though. Do you have any idea of the vastness of space and why it is impossible for anything of mass to travel at lightspeed?

  8. It is amazing how many ignorant people are on this site. They call UFO reports fake, then they make up the most ridiculous explanations possible. I have seen the answers get more and more stupid.Why are they trying to avert people from the real facts? UFOs have been seen for years, been photographed by the thousands, been caught on radar numerous times. Virtually all governments admit their existence. Most REAL scientists are saying the possibility is there. Military personnel from all over the world admit there are UFO and are extraterrestrial. UFO is kind of a misnomer though. They are identified as alien spaceccraft no matter how much the ” geniuses” on YA pretend they are not.

  9. No, sorry. You could apply it to some of the military craft you refer to but the word “Unidentified” is key here. You could use it in terms of referring to an advanced technology if you knew that was what you were looking at, but it cannot replace the term UFO.

    As for any report you may have heard about ‘disclosure’ this, at a guess would be usual of sensationalist journalism. I have not actually seen any of the reports you refer to but I am wondering, and here is the fundamental flaw in all “alien” sightings and reports, how does it say any such craft could possibly reach us or even know about us? Just wondering.

  10. I suppose ASASTS would be an acceptable term, but what really freaks me out are the stories of reptilian aliens claimed by the many UFO abductees. I remember there was this one farmer dude years ago, who claimed he saw a UFO and when the aliens got him up there in there ship, they pulled out all of his fingernails. So this is kind of an indication that if aliens are actually real, then we should be very careful when looking for UFO’s.

  11. Its not apparent that anything is going on except that when humans see something in the sky that is not immediately identifiable, we tend to think its aliens from other planets. This is a pop culture thing. You can make up all the names you like, but they are meaningless until they are actually shown to exist. And that is looking less likely every day.

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