Q&A: is this video of a “ufo” real?

Question by Yahoo!! President: is this video of a “ufo” real?
i can’t tell its fake…nor it’s real??

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Answer by lindajune
You must be kidding.

You can’t tell that the black thing is something on the window the video is being shot through? It looks like it might be a slug or maybe some tree sap that dripped on the window.

Its just so obvious – the dark thing is in the immediate foreground and not in the sky.

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  1. never ask a question about anything involving parallax in this section.

    you can clearly see the camera move and the “UFO” (should we call it a UPD? Unidentified Paint Drip?) moves with the camera, indicating it is on the window.

  2. There are SO many videos these days, and most of them are better than this one. There are probably a dozen or more video UFO hoaxes posted to youtube every day. Now that fakes are so easy to do, this kind of evidence is simply worthless.

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