Q&A: Do u believe about “UFO” or “Alien” is really exists?

Question by ronny s: Do u believe about “UFO” or “Alien” is really exists?

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No makes no sense

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  1. Well, about 30 people (including my mother and I) witnessed a very vivid UFO with lights all around it that hovered over our heads and close enough we could hear a low hum coming from it. Several seconds later it was a small white light in the night sky. It shot up that fast.

    It happened in 1979 in Kankakee, IL at the J.C.Penney/Belscot parking lot which now no longer exist.

    I was 9 and I will never forget it.

  2. Look around you. Do you really think with the world in the mess it’s in that we could possibly be the best and only beings in the universe? There has to be more to life than this tiny little diseased planet.

  3. A UFO is ANY unidentified flying object so if I throw a french fry into the air and someone across the room doesn’t know what it is, that’s a UFO. Aliens definitely exist as well; just look at all the illegals in the United States!!

  4. It’s possible. I mean, I’m not a nut who makes it my hobby or anything, frankly I don’t really care that much if they do or not, but I wouldn’t be surprized if they did exist. So I guess I’m just kinda neutral. 😉

  5. I believe that any “UFO” or “Alien” that is caught by the human eye or on recordings is actually a demon. God did not create aliens, but he did create angels. Demons are simply fallen angels. They are sent to distract you from your Heavenly Father. They do a good job, don’t they? The entire world is talking about them constantly!!! But, they are not from outer space, but rather a creation that turned against God and is now out to draw people to sin. Give it some thought. And if you do not believe in God, consider this: It takes more faith to believe in aliens and UFO’s than the word of God, which is historically documented even by historians who were not Christians. God bless you for seeking the truth on this question!

  6. UFO or Alien for me does not exist. It is but a big conspiracy theory to hide U.S. newest and advance aircrafts. In order to hide it from people, they had come-out with a conspiracy to produce an imaginary creatures to deceive human kind.

    There’s no such actual evidence only heresays and photos.

    That’s my opinion.

  7. When I was in high school me and about five friends of mine saw one. But we were also all tripping on acid. Strange as it may seem, we all saw the exact same thing. Group hallucination? I talked to someone a few weeks later that was on the other side of town that night (sober) that saw it too. To this day we all swear it was real.

  8. My favorite quote on the subject: “If we are the only ones- it sure would be an awful waste of space” – Carl Sagen – ‘Contact’ (gr8 movie, btw: never read the book).
    My own quote on the subject: “If we think, out of the infinity that is the universe, that we are the only ones, we are being pretty arrogent and niaeve.”

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