Q&A: are there ufo”s?

Question by short stuff: are there ufo”s?
All of a sudden the subject of ufo’s is back in the news. are they for real or not? what is your opinion?

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Answer by farmer92
Although there have been a LOT of convincing stories, flying saucers do not exist!! There has certainly been no ‘proper evidence’ anyway. UFOs (unidentified flying objects) do exist, but ther are not martians from Mars or anything like that.

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  1. no why would aliens come to us in person but don’t make contact it does not make sense even if there was an other intelligent creature it would probably like us send a robot whit a camera and since we haven’t found any there are no aliens so no UFOs either

  2. For many years…so many people see things in the sky that they don’t know what it is…so, they automatically assume it’s some kind of extra terrestrial flying around. From seeing a bright object through some trees that just seems to keep following you…they think it’s ET following them around. What they most likely saw was Venus in the sky..and the reason it looks like it doesn’t move when you are..is because it’s so far away.

    My personal belief is that we haven’t been visited by little green men yet..anything you see on tv about ufo’s is nothing but storys..

    The only “ufo’s I believe in is if an object goes wizzing past my head and I didn’t see what it was….

    It was unidentified…it was flying…and it was an object.

  3. i doubt it. not in this atmosphere anyway.

    theres a whole (real) intelligence agency, that is not a conspiracy, which openly discusses the idea, and as far as they know none have been found.

    also, every country has it’s own network of spy satellites, and if anything was going to drop into their airspace, i’m pretty sure they’d just blow it out of the sky, as they do with aircraft which have no right or reason to be there.

    if there are other beings “out there”, they aren’t here. personally i believe in the whole expanse of the universe earth cannot be the only place harboring life

    ufos? frisbees and balloons.

  4. I think that out of all the planets out there in the universe there is probably life on another besides ours, however the chances of that life being intellegent and advanced enough to make a space ship are improbable. Long range space travel in it self is very improbable, take for example our closest neighbouring star, Alpha Centuari, which is about 41.5 trillion km away (or 4.635 light years away). Even assuming the “ufo” could travel at the speed of light (which isn’t possible according to Einstien and relativity) it would that 4.635 years to get here. Now going at a more realistic speed, say 28,000 kilometers per hour which is what the space shuttles travel at, it would take about 170 years! Seems sort of ridiculous. Of course there is the chance that maybe these extraterrestrials have mastered travelling by worm hole, which is unlikely, but is more than likely the only way they could get here. So in short… no.

  5. Yes, they exist, and they have attempted to contact us, but our gov’ts won’t acknowledge them publicly. Even when they SHUT DOWN our nuclear missiles just to show that they could. In fact, our gov’t has had a treaty with the greys for quite some time [which they have since violated-greys are not the most trustworthy aliens out there]

    In ancient times, they were known as flying shields, fairies, gnomes, leprecauns, and much more.

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