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Police Confirmed UFO Sighting

At first, police mocked the 911 call about the UFO sighting–but then they saw it too. UFOs: Seeing is Believing : MON DECEMBER 22 8P et/pt :…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Vatican: It’s OK to believe in aliens…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

0 thoughts on “Police Confirmed UFO Sighting

  1. if you go back to religions, this crap is nothing and aliens could be fake
    because none of the religions described anything except humans and living
    creatures here in earth

  2. Why do most UFOs come in the early mornings in rural areas also here’s a
    good question why do they look like the things from Close Encounters of a
    Third Kind?

  3. me and my freind are doing a project at school about whether aliens are
    real are fake you know just for the yolos but anyway do any of you guys
    think this will be a good example?! 

  4. Once there was a police chasing a speeder and saw a exploding UFO and it
    crashed and he saw these little people and vanished and went out with a UFO

  5. I’ve witnessed 3 events to which I have no reference for. One was on the
    extreme side of bizarre. That was 12-years ago and it’s still a vivid

  6. @Huttate1 Religion is the thing that saved us from that anarchy-filled
    world. Please educate yourself before posting about education. And, don’t
    fail as much, ok?

  7. man if it got that close…he should threw rocks at it in hope of getting
    beamed up and taken away to an alien paradise

  8. @spookykumquat3 That doesn’t make sense… Why would USA be the government
    the aliens would want to make contact with? Nonsense. IF the aliens wanted
    to make contact with humans, they’d appeared in mid of all mayor cities.

  9. @Carlos1000 u r a fucking child calling me ignorant. I never said I don’t
    believe in aliens. I just said show me one so u can prove it to me. Plus
    you’re the one that’s ignorant, trying to start an argument over a comment
    I made so long ago

  10. The FAA, military, are so intertwined. Get over it! If you dare say
    something , like us citizens, pilots, ect.. We are DISCREDITED. It figures!

  11. @lewism1995 Don’t be so naive. This footage is from a documentary from the
    History Channel CNN is on Youtube. All news media are on Youtube. It’s just
    a medium. Not a news source. Don’t be so naive

  12. @TheNickPolk He wasn’t saying that. It HAS to be fictional because it
    challenges your reality? Keep playing videogames.

  13. I’m pry just idiotic. But I have always wondered how exactly we have our
    technologys? I mean when you try to look up for instance how a computer is
    made. It will tell you something like this… You connect this chip into
    this component and WAHLAHH. I always wondered who made that chip? How was
    it made? Who figured it out? There are many other things sort of like that.

  14. They didnt attack the jet right?They were escorting it :3 Realised the
    humans were afraid and took off.Or were going to defeat all humanity but
    they realised how stupid humans are that they create things that kill
    themselves and realised that we will kill ourselfs. :3

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