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Dear VIP Reader;

While thousands of people watched the live show last night many of you could not, thus sharing what was missed by some of my worldwide reading audience will give you a chance to learn more about what I perceive as the crucial initial spiritual step needed to establish contact with our space brothers.  I certainly had a very interesting experience at the TV studios in Phoenix and the story goes…

First many more pictures of the hosts, guests and crew will be added to my page in time, as all of these people became part of  the first “Universal” step to make contact with ET’s lead by Lyssa. I did not see her for a while and after hugging two of her team mates who came to my lecture presentation the night before in Scottsdale ; Lyssa and I exchanged a few words and catch up with each others. I was introduced then to more guests, the entire crew and the producers and hugged my friend Scott, a TV host/producer who invited me for this event and interviewed me on Channel 10 in the past.

Good food, drinks and coffee were already getting the attention of many hungry people and I joined everyone in the fest. Scott gathered everyone for the initial review of the show and walked us all to the main studios where the action was to take place. Time flew by and the show started with Scott and Lyssa’s introduction while we were prompted by Gregg (host of the other group in another studio)  to answer his questions. I did so many TV show on major networks in the past and while all my presentations usually takes a life of their own I felt; because I was not “on the usual spot light”  this one would be quite different and it was. If you missed them, my last 2 TV shows are at cosmic code7 dot ning

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I had a good idea on how Lyssa was to perform by inducing a series of hypnotic suggestions to open up the 3rd eyes of the mass viewers. I used the same type of technique in a hotel ballroom and “hypnotized” over 500 people for about 45 minutes in one of my event engagements. My philosophy is quite clear, by this I mean any source of information can only add to one’s repertoire of wisdom and I keeping an open mind  I committed myself to be Lyssa’s mental recipient for a change.

However being part of the active staff  took me a while to feel her well prepared routine suggestions  and soon I was mesmerised by her soft magnetic voice. I was the first invited guest to rapidly talk about my UFO experiences; Gee ET’s have been with me since for ever thus you may read them all from my friend David Icke’s website or emaiol your request.

I had to choose what I know to be the ultimate one. I mentioned that ET’s have been with me since the age of 7 years old and after a series of abductions I found myself, back in August 2001 in a flying saucer with my ex – wife Brigitte ( she was then pregnant and the fetus was removed) while being downloaded the “Cosmic Code” in a different room.

I also mentioned  “a magnet will not attract a piece of wood” and how important it was for the viewer to commit himself to the “experiment”, I also affirmed that “the future is the reincarnation of the thoughts” and this experience may take a day, a week or even months before it would manifest in the future. Little did I know then, I was to offer a “dated revelation” towards the end of the show. The two other guests gave their own valuable feedback and I was totally chocked to learn the Doctor who flew from a foreign country to be in the show was a reader of my Cosmic Code newsletters. He is a soft Pisces, highly spiritual and his feedback not only made good sense but added to the “experiment.”

The other Lady guest from Tucson (sorry I am not too good with names) while I did not recognized her right away, walked straight in my arms to hug me, saying nice to see you again Dr. Turi. Her simple comments reflected a wise spirit willing to work hard with all of us to get the results. Thus I felt very comfortable with a bunch of highly spiritual people brought together for the event. Yes when I mention “a magnet will not attract a piece of wood”, we all “attracted” each others to play a very important part in what I perceive as the world’s initial UFO contact lead by Lyssa.

I appreciated Lyssa’s professionalism at work and especially the way she handled the so very important message to the mass. The show went on with more suggestions and expectations mentioned by Lyssa, such a tingling in parts of the body including blackout and other peculiar physical and spiritual manifestations. I was watching with great interest still incapable of letting go and give in to Lyssa’s powerful hypnotic suggestions just yet.  Then came the first break and I turned my cell phone on and saw that Terania had called and left me a message.

I called home and she was still quite scared…”What’s going Hun” I said, “You never gonna believe this,” she answered, the lights went off all over the house, the dogs were barking crazy and they were no one in the alley, and Blaco (our cat) was talking as loud as he could while I was watching you speaking. Unusual things are going on at home Hun and I am scared…”

I calmed Terania down and told her; as “Chosen Ones” we only “attract” the positive ET’s. I hope you took the time to read this so very important newsletter as there is indeed a hierarchy of ET’s out there and not all of them have our best interest at heart. In some way they are like us humans with good and bad intentions and depending on your own generated fearful “energy” you could attract them. Fear is the most efficient channel a “Grey” can pick up with their inborn radar – Just to be on the safe side, please take the time to read “Are You A Chosen Onepublished May 30th 2010  from


Note that Terania and I last abduction took place two weeks prior to my trip to Thailand where Doctors discovered I had colon cancer and where I had to undergo surgery. This “abduction” took place a week before my departure and for a very serious reason where I know; the ET’s removed the cancer from every vital organs of my body and concentrated the negative accumulated “energy” in one single spot in my colon. I had to go through this awful experience for karmic purpose and again you may read what I consider to be the most difficult experience in my life “Thank you God”” published February 20th 2010 from my newsletters.

I came back into the studio ready for more of Lyssa’s performance and answering more questions. This time she was able to reach me through the TV screen and I “dissipated” into the red light…There I realized that the moon was in the sign of Pisces and Pisces rules the subconscious and any endeavor ruling this type of spiritual experiment.  The Cosmic Code was in accord with the current action and fully endorsed the “spiritual” event. I realized also that Lyssa’s vital message to reach and accept ET’s at least on a subconscious level; would steer greater forces from the Super conscious in time and space, eliminating the earthy physical energy we are all trapped on earth. Success was assured…

Thus when came my time to speak back my “feelings” I confirmed to Lyssa the perfect timing and using the Cosmic Code and the Super conscious “simultaneously” would bear his fruits with time. I also made the audience aware that, during my trip above Los Angeles back in August 2001, the extraterrestrials told me they needed a very specific energy to channel themselves and manifest their ships into this dense physical world. I explained this phenomenon in “Are You A Chosen One.” I also offered my expertise with the “downloaded” Cosmic Code secrets to help her “connect” with them on the physical plane.

The show went on and I tried very hard to stay connected with this “revelation” because I knew I was going to “channel” something else…Then I felt a bit lethargic and the date of August 25th keep flashing and flashing over and over again. Then I saw like what seem an explosion that scared me a bit and I recognized this to be the answer from the group of ET we were able to reach. I tried very hard to make sense to this “Vision” but I can assure you that 48 hours centering the date of August 25th the explosive, chocking, unusual spacial event ahead of us is the answer that will come from both above and below the earth. I was still in “chock” when the camera came upon me and I divulged my vision to Lyssa and the viewers the best way I could…Now just wait and see but write August 25th down and you will realize what a real “contactee” is all about.

Note that the variety of humans walking this earth is practically infinite  in both the physical and spiritual conceptions/manifestations, some are geared to do good things others are born predators. This “like attract like” energy build gangs, religious groups, cults or very spiritually advanced gathering such as all the people that participated in the “contact”  experiment.  And this includes all the people I reach all over the world with my “Cosmic Code” newsletter. This “manifesto” is very real and do not stop at the human experience but also affects extraterrestrials various spiritual / logical mental make up.

There are very advanced groups of ET’s that have learned the hard way (like a criminal stuck in jail for most of his life) that war (or gang activity) does not pay off at the end. But there are also much younger groups of humans or ET’s that I refer often as “young souls” having fun creating all sorts of troubles computer viruses just to bug us.

Of course our infantile science cannot trace the true source of viruses but this is where the “Uranic” energy is misused and abused. It’s all about energy reader and Neptunian ET groups (lizard/insect like) are also active.  Those tend to invade and poison your psyche and produce a myriad of mental poisoning and lead the soul to use drugs producing madness, schizophrenia and finally suicide.

I dealt with them lost in the French mountain years ago and they left me with a humongous headache that lasted for weeks. Those we have to watch are the Martian type (red planet color of blood) because their natural Martian nature makes them very aggressive and other ET’s are working hard to keep them away from us. Yes there are wars in the heavens too, not just on earth reader and the red planet rules those born in April (Hitler/Mussolini/Saddam Hussein including the countries of Japan and Germany are Martians.)

Thus “invoking” ET’s in a remote desert is a good thing providing you use the specific energy required to attract a specific peaceful advanced group. Furthermore the group of humans involved in the “communion” act must also own a UCI *Unique Celestial Identity harmonious to the group of ET in question.

For example if someone was born with a negative Dragon’s Tail in Pisces or a bad aspect to Neptune, this person does vibrate to the advanced Uranian energy required for the  safer contact and will act as repellent instead. Remember “nd a Neptunian religiously poisoned soul will chose to deal with a deity instead of an ET in the first place. allowwing this particular entity to feed on the lost soul’sIf you are aiming for the top you must “vibrate” at this level (Terania and I and many others do) and your own very essence will act as a powerful beacon where ever you are and this is why some people are prime target for abduction.

Dealing with ET’ demands a full understanding of the energy or the core essence they are made of.  ANd I doubt many of the “TV “talking Heads” you heard in the past have  undergo my  expereinces  Contacting ET’s is not an easy task and demand serious planning and a Universal celestial wisdom that is very rare. IF I was to take a group of people in the desert to call on ET and expect a solid connection I would have to do the stars of everyone involved to see if they are “the Chosen Ones” so to speak and make sure their essence endorse and support the type of ET involved with parts of the human agenda.


This pic is very much appropriate to those able to perceive the “Uranian” hidden simbolic messages!

One must realize that any motor can only run perfectly when it is properly, not only all elements must be in the right place but the exact timing is crucial. For if a fraction of a second is off or is miscalculated in the firing process the mixture of air and gas will never explode at the right time and the car will be left motionless.  At this stage of human evolution and with a serious lack of Cosmic Consciousness the right “timing” is seriously offset but they are people who happen to be at the right time at the right place “by accident” or “an act of god? Lol and witness the incredible.

It is like when a corporation is asking me for my expertise in picking up potential investors for a billion dollars deal. Because one of them is able to invest much more than all of them together does not mean I will pick him and ad his “energy UCI” in the group. The investors in question must all share the main ingredient that support and endorse longevity, growth and integrity and money alone does not offer this…Do I make sense to you? It’s like when a client request a comparison chart because she/he is about to get married (or suffered a divorce) and wants to know all the strengths and shortcomings in the relationships. Remember knowledge is power ignorance is evil and I do this with ET’s too.

Scientist’s or those “educated/religious” wrong frame of mind will never really “attract” such incredible experiences and the reality of ET presence on earth and our sky will remain a total mystery to them.

All I can tell you about the TV  Matrix UFO contact Experiment is that; Lyssa did a phenomenal, crucial work in psychically / spiritually preparing you with the spiritual preparedness and  of such phenomenon with the best of her natal gift and her UCI. People can only relate to each other because of their experiences, education, intelligence, perception but most of all because of their inherited karmic UCI. No one is better than others and no one is worse all roads leads to Rome… or to God and the ET’s in the heavens. Some roads are just safer and that was my own message to you today reader. See you all August 25th, 2010…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

When men realize the church is the universe and the twelve Apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac, God’s commandments written in Starlight will bring true love, respect peace and harmony to this world. Only when science finally honor the word science itself and investigate the “Divine” a real chance will be offered to the rest of mankind to uplift its perception and working of the Universe. Love, respect peace and harmony depend in understanding and respecting God’s highest celestial orders cloaked in the “Universal Code”. The truth of life and the Universe cannot originate from ONE solitary foundation; it’s all about a complex range of integration of all things at once”.

Dr. Turi


published January 7th 2010

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Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a charismatic captivating speaker, endowed with a profound Universal Wisdom that astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 in “Who’s Who in America”. His ratio of predictions accuracy is amazingly 98%

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