Orange UFO Emits Sparks while Changing Shape

At least 3 other videos online by others showing this same type UFO doing the same sparkling thing (here’s 2): ~ Sheilaaliens: ~ orionifo in famous PINE BUSH, NY were they’ve been seen since the 1980s mimicking our aircraft (see pinebushufo(dot)com for more evidence/info from Doctors Bruce Cornet & Ellen Crystal who studied them): This video is a Reupload (channel hacked & video deleted). Shot May 4, 2010 Sorry night time video doesn’t convey depth of field to you online viewers, but we live here and where witnessing this in person…Estimated distance from us is less than 2000 feet away. So our reactions (bare eyes, one with binoculars seeing the same eliminating this being an optical effect produced by the camcorder lens) should say it all. While you’re entitled to your own opinions, you can keep your “it’s just a plane” ones to yourself… because we are certain that it isn’t. I’m posting it for others who HAVE seen these too so they have something to show others what they saw. I have other videos of them since they seem to like this spot (old coal mines here) complete with showing them with TREES BEHIND THEM on ridge near us WITH FAA RADAR REPORT showing they DID NOT EVEN MAKE A RADAR HIT (November 12, 2010 series–on my channel page). PART 1: Please leave comment as to where/when you’ve seen this kind if you have. Estimated starting distance of this object was not more than 4000 feet away from us. Their starting sizes

In Russia, the modern flying saucer era began in 1908, as villagers from a sparsely populated area of central Siberia, near the Tunguska River, witnessed a large glowing object streak across the sky and explode in midair with the force of an atomic blast equal to over 40 megatons, completely destroying miles of forest. Light from the blast was witnessed from thousands of miles away. Secrecy since the days of Stalin and the former Soviet Union have kept the truth about this event hidden until now. Hear from one of the last living eyewitnesses of this event as well as the experts, including a former KGB officer who describes the cover-up surrounding this event, and how metallic evidence of an alien spacecraft gathered by the soviet military from the site was discovered and then disappeared in secrecy. Includes the shocking facts behind this amazing story along with a fascinating series of photos, film footage and spellbinding interviews with researchers and the best known, most credible Tunguska authorities in the world today. Packed with bonus features, expert analyses, in-depth commentary and unforgettable conclusions about this amazing mystery. NOW on DVD – Cat# U565 – Go to
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  1. @JennyHaigst Hey, I’m gonna have to add you to the ‘locals’ list then. Could you message me right away the next night you see it? I might just have to´╗┐ take a drive up there with my equipment to check it out since they haven’t been around here for a while now and I’m bored without ’em. Thursday is next good weather night predicted. I will be out scouting around for ’em then. ~And yeah, this type likes to fake like stars too, but disappearing or moving gives ’em away.

  2. I Live in Ellwood City, Pa,,about 30 35,miles North´╗┐ of Pitts, We have been seeing something in The Eastern sky,, And it looks like that,,, don’t move as fast,,but like flashes,, white,, blue,, red,,,yellow,,,not a plane or helicopter,,they can not hover in one spot,,!! Always see it,, in the West,, but not to often,, it is in our atmosphere,, cause still see it on cloudy night’s,,!!

  3. thing that get me is the flashing light,, iv seen 1 myself , and very close,, hovering right above me,, made the hairs stand up on my neck, but there was no flashing lights,,,anything that belongs to´╗┐ us has to have a flashing lite if it goes in the sky,,

  4. seeing a real ufo is like winning a 300 million dollar jackpot. think of the odds. THEY ARE´╗┐ REAL

  5. @seeingUFOsPA i live near nasa, about 20 mins from the cape. i live right next to the ocean (5 min walk), and it looked like plasma kinda.´╗┐ a brighter orange ribbon was in the middle of it, but not rotating, although everything else did. i looked above it to try to see a balloon or kite, but there was nothing, no sound even. and no it was not a chinese lantern, i looked up images on google/youtube, and it looked nothing like that.

  6. @floridasux321 They vary the looks, but I’m convinced are same source/kind as they were all seen frequenting same small area. If not a fireball or pulsating bright ball, some seem to have dark spots or ribbon of dark moving across it — even one seen like an´╗┐ eyeball moving around. Swirling plasma inside or opaque like an pale-ish orange LED light bulb too moving in snake-like motion through sky–this bulb type was first orange kind I saw in May 2009.
    ~What area in Florida was yours seen?

  7. @seeingUFOsPA didnt look like that, i was´╗┐ like 40 feet away from it. kinda like an oblong circle that spinned very slowly. bright orange like the end of a lit ciggarette, and the brightness
    wasnt completely uniform, but almost.

  8. @floridasux321 I saw one from´╗┐ 500 feet, orange.

    they are getting more tame it seems.this one moved along real slow

  9. no changing´╗┐ lights, it was bright orange like a ciggarette, w/ a brighter variation shaped like a capitol L spinning around. there was no sound, and no it was not a chinese lantern. i was approx 100 ft away from it as it hovered over a small power station, then slowly, then fastly floated away at an angular direction, then suddenly dissapeared over a house a block away

  10. @floridasux321 Did you see any detail? Some by Capri Island´╗┐ & Marco Island, FLA describe rings of different colored lights spinning around a sphere shape…

  11. you are not the only ones to see a bright orange ufo,´╗┐ i was right up on one last night SWEAR TO GOD. i saw it close up almost man

  12. I’ve seen a bigger one that it was orange and it took shapes like a human,´╗┐ a triangle and some more then it stopped taking shapes and it was for an half hour a circle and then it started dissapear

  13. it was so close to us too that I could almost reach up to it and touch it.. thats how close it came to our heads.. but I didn’t want to fall in since our boat was plastic. Not sure if our led lights taped to the boat were´╗┐ attracting them or what? But that 1 kept coming at us.. LOL

  14. @zoodiac57 tesla was experimenting with his huge tesla coil that has been founded by´╗┐ Morgan, 150000$ Wardenclyffe Tower. makes way more sense than a UFO.. but again not much facts from both sides, so who knows… ­čÖé

  15. we’ll I’m going to watch this but´╗┐ if you could proof it was UFO it would be revolution and as long as I know there is no official explanation of UFO phenomenon and nobody knows STILL what happened in Tunguzka. only fact is that it’s a great mystery and scientists can just “assume” what really happened…

  16. @xusmcguy

    yeah the first film shot in Russia (1.5 mninutes) was the year 1896, just a year after Lumier, but still it wasn’t widely used/was expensive´╗┐ until 1920’s. the footage in question is somewhere from 1920’s or 1930’s from a later expedition, as far as I remember.

  17. Apparently a´╗┐ lot of you people have never heard of FILM which DID exist in 1908 as did the cameras they were used in.

  18. @ClaviusPH

    Who knows why a UFO would come down. Maybe it simply malfunctioned (long journey, lots of mechanical strain). Or it´╗┐ took an asteroid hit, or was shot down by another UFO.

    We’ve sent several probes to Mars that malfunctioned or didn’t survive entry into the atmosphere.

  19. @calscott1

    The Witesaands nukes were massive. They required a 4 engine bomber to lift them. No aircraft of that size existed in 1908. There were also no missile big enough´╗┐ until the 1950s.

    If a nuke had been detonated at ground level, the blast would have looked different.

  20. @Pepsifx357

    A WWII nuke was about the size of a family car, and required a 4 engine bomber to carry it. In 1908 there wasn’t an aircraft in the´╗┐ world that could have carried the it. Witnesses also say that they saw “something” in the sky with glowing tail. This could have been a missile, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that missiles even came close to being able to carry such a large payload.

    You would literally have requires something similar to the Saturn 5 moon rocket to carry it.

  21. @moTricksTV

    Tesla’s couldn’t have generated sufficient electricty to produce a blast of that´╗┐ size, and his weapon would have been line of sight only. It couldn’t have traveled around the curvature of the Earth.

  22. @vair63guy

    There may have been, but if the comet’s orbit were´╗┐ wide, that sighting could have been thousands of years ago.

    It might also be an object form the outer solar system that had its orbit changed by another object.

  23. @Chipymonk

    Western science is inherently protectionist. It’s all about the money. If you want money to conduct research you´╗┐ must kiss up to the establishment, and try to keep out any competitors. So-called scientists are terrified that Ufology and Paranormal investigators will take funding away from them, and blow holes in their research, which will further impinge upon their funding.

  24. @impalax327

    Most of the JPL guys are basing what they say´╗┐ previous cometmeteorasteroid research.

  25. @494blahblahblah

    Why bomb an unpopulated area of a populated planet? Surely they’d either bomb a populated area to see how well it killed people, or they’d simply bomb an unpopulated world. Why go to all the effort of coming´╗┐ to Earth when they could bomb a much closer world where they could openly research the effects of the weapon?


    We know from history that many things are kept secret, and that many other things leak out but are treated as a jokehoaxcold´╗┐ war paranoia by a skeptical public. Even relatively conventional things.

    I don’t know why you actually need an alien friend to believe in them. I didn’t see the battle for the Alamo, but I still believe that it happened. I’m taking it on trust that historians and archaeologists are correctly interpreting the evidence. It’s the same with UFO, and such.

  27. @worldview2007 well that would be cool! I just think most people are too loose lipped to keep such a secret. if anyone knew for sure then we all would know. unless it´╗┐ was some sort of religious cult operation to cover it up. then again it could just be a alien religious cult who are trying to bend the facts in order to make it look like alien origin. I need a alien friend in order to know he’s real. one that I can touch and talk to.

  28. @Chev4206

    If you watch the end of´╗┐ the video, you will hear the JPL guy talking about events in 2004 in the future tense. this indicates that this video is at 8 or more years old. The video of the woman looks to have been shot some time ago. Possibly the 1980s. She could be 75-80, or maybe even younger if the video of her was from the 1970s.

  29. @smiledammit24

    Um,´╗┐ that was a lake. It can be found on maps made many years before the Tunguska event.


    We sent probes to Mars that did pretty much the same thing. It’s simply a matter´╗┐ of scale.

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