Observations by Martyn Stubbs concerning UFO’s

Before I begin my comments about the observations made by Martyn Stubbs, I would like to say that I have recently retired from John Moores University, where I was employed for 32 years in a technical and consultative capacity in both physics and electronics. I have suitable qualifications in both disciplines. therefore I feel somewhat qualified to comment.
I have watched the Smoking Gun footage of all the STS videos procured by Martyn Stubbs claiming that this shows unexplained phenomena. I searched without success to find a suitable website or Email in which to respond to Martyn Stubbs. So I have chosen this site here.
I would like to offer my own thoughts which could explain these videos.
The clips showing the 12 mile tether device, also show, I believe, the presence of probably ice (water) drops or crystals moving across the observation window. Carefull inspection reveals that they are in the forground and somewhat out of focus compared with the tether device and other objects which are at a greater distance (~infinity focus). Also it can be seen that they are moving infront of anything which is in the focused field. The reason why they appear to move in different directions could be due to a number of reasons. This phenomenon can be likened to when you get rain drops on a windscreen of a vehicle. However the effect on earth due to windage etc would tend to make all the movement happen in one direction. The case in outer space is completely different and any particles are subjected to a number of effects due to ionised particles and solar wind together with the effects of local gravity due to the masses of objects close by. There are a number of things happening together so the particles will appear to have a life of there own. It is easy to be kidded by such effects in this way. One has to realise that this is an effect in the vacuum of space which has different laws. Consider, for instance, the effect of liquid helium at ~ 2 deg kelvin and its appearance of defying gravity etc. I think it is very difficult to offer a good explaination due to the environment.
 The other phenomenon of very brief flashes which are only visible during one half of the interlaced frame of the video could also be easily explained. I believe that it is due to either neutrinos or perhaps charged particles passing through the screen device in the camera. The screen device being either a vidicon tube or a CCD image sensor device. It doesn’t matter which is employed. The video signal is scanned in the usual sequencial way to build up a picture frame. In this case interlaced as 2 half frames to give 30 full frames a second, or 60 interlaced half frames, which ever way you like to look at it. Charged particles or neutrinos etc are passing at an increadable speed and therefore would only be noticed during one of the half frame events.
 To re-iterate the workings of a camera device. The sequencial scan passes the pixels or the vidicon mesh to recover the charge placed there by the light intensity focused by lens of the image. If a neutrino or charged particle passes that point then the charge therein is modified in some way giving the impression that the light at that point in the image is different from that which is actually the case. I suspect that the neutrino would be the more likely because there are likely to be many more at the sensor location as they are capable of passing un-aided through virtually any matter. Although they are neutral in charge they would cause a disturbance in their wake. Therefore for a very brief moment a line appears just as shown in those clips as observed. I would welcome other comments from anyone who may be interested in these most interesting effects on the video images which were analysed by martin. Or any other image and UFO phenomena etc



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