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UFO Catcher

Image by jpellgen
I just love arcades in Japan: purikura, UFO Catcher, games, and gashapon. This is one of many versions of UFO Catcher, a game very familiar to those of us in the USA. You just try to grab the junk with the crane. Apparently, it is much more popular in Japan and there is a skill to it because I saw a lot of people winning stuff.

Shinsaibashi-suji is a covered shopping street that runs for a long ways parallel to Mido-suji. I really enjoy just walking this street, although it gets quite busy.

ufo at cargo bay, shuttle endeaver, may 19, 2011 pt3

Image by DragonRal
3rd UFO Sighting around Shuttle Endeavor since May 16th launch date, Video.…

Another place for UFO REMAINS 新一區的飛碟發見

Image by chenmok
InSIDE the ufo has ten year ago kind televisions飛碟內有數十年前的電視機

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