New UFO Film to Premiere Internationally at Long Last

Flagstaff, AZ (PRWEB) April 03, 2014

It would seem that the media, scientific, and educational communities would welcome a new film that presents actual proof the controversial Billy Meier UFO case in Switzerland is authentic.

But that’s not so, according to Michael Horn, the producer-director of “And Did They Listen?”, “Advanced copies of the film were sent to well known scientists and media people who simply refused to even acknowledge or comment on it. Some public venues, including major universities (see the story here) have refused to show the film. I think that’s quite telling.”

Asked why, Horn said, “The kind of ironclad proof that we show, from Meier’s newly analyzed and authenticated UFO photos , to his specific, prophecies and predictions , is obviously just too much for some people. The truth about Meier’s contacts with extraterrestrial human beings – which are still ongoing in Switzerland for over 72 years – is bad for business, religion and politics as well. There’s no nudity, foul language, pornography or violence in the film…or our film probably would have been welcomed by the media and universities.”

“We include all of the comments from the – formerly skeptical – physician and physicist, Dr. Sanford Weinstein, endorsing Meier’s prophetically accurate information, from 1987, about current Russian troop movements as ‘astonishing and amazing’. We also included evidence of Meier’s advance knowledge of the real extent of damage from Fukushima and BP, as well as his warnings about the Apophis asteroid that Russia and China now seem to be heeding…and that NASA ignores.”

But wouldn’t all of the UFO organizations and TV shows covering the topic be hungry for just such proof?

Not at all, according to Horn, who thinks that, “The ‘UFO industry’ has done more harm than good, exploiting the entire topic as profit-oriented entertainment. Forget about ‘Roswell’, phony ‘disclosure’ projects, scary, imaginary ‘alien abductions’ and all the other disinformation. The fact that Meier’s UFO evidence is still irreproducible, and that so many of his prophecies and predictions, such as about Mercury’s core, and the 5,100 year old Iceman – were verifiably published with ironclad copyright dates before the events occurred – prove that the Billy Meier case is what the entire UFO cover-up is really all about.”

With Meier’s prophecies and predictions from as far back as the 1950s about climate change, global warming, the two US-Iraq wars – and even AIDS, which he foretold by name in 1958 – to his warnings about current Russian and Chinese military movements, from as far back as 1976, Horn says he’s also the most accurate, error-free prophet who ever lived.

“Most importantly, in the film we provide the answers from Meier and the Plejaren as to how we can assure our own future survival, which are the actual reasons for the contacts. See the film and you’ll ask yourself why you hadn’t heard about this remarkable man – and the most important story in human history – before.”

“You don’t need to believe. You need to know.”

And Did They Listen?” premieres with live streaming nationally and internationally on April 4.

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