New Toy Stimulates Genius In Children

(PRWEB) August 18, 2003

Everyone knows how much kids of all ages love to color and show off their work. The simple, yet sophisticated, design of the UFO-Genius Stimulator(tm) is immediately fascinating. One is bewildered by the fact that a single, flat two dimensional piece of paper can be folded into a 3-D symmetrical rotatable ring that is attractive and fun to play with.

Every package includes a pre-colored rainbow UFO for quick pleasure and an additional color-it-yourself model, perfect for satisfying kids’ need to release youthful creativity. Nothing can compare to the pride of individual achievement youngsters feel when they have decorated their own personal UFO.

In addition to being attractive, easy to construct and gender neutral, the UFO – Genius Stimulator finds its market niche in the $ 5 and under price range. This makes it affordable to all income levels. Its classic use is as a compliment to a greeting card.

The intriguing nature of the UFO has an added bonus –its history. It was created by a mathematician at Princeton University in 1939 during the beginning stages of the Manhattan Project.

The Nobel Prize winning physicist, Richard Feynman, became fascinated by the UFO (as told in his biography “Genius”, by James Gleick). Additional reference sources for the UFO and instructions are included on every UFO package.

About Victoria Toy Co.

Victoria Toy Co. is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the amazing Unidentified Folding Object GENIUS STIMULATOR ™. The company was founded in 1991 specifically to fill the need for a safe, inspiring and stimulating educational activity product.

Since its inception, Victoria Toy Co. has sold thousands of UFOs and is well on its way towards its goal of stimulating the genius of millions of boys and girls ages 4 to 104.

For more information, contact Victoria Toy Co. Box 252 Elk Grove Village, IL 60009 USA or visit the website at

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