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Need help finding “ufo” video from news?

Question by Jovy: Need help finding “ufo” video from news?
It was on the news a few years ago, it showed Satellite footage of a rocket being launched from earths atmosphere and as you saw it leaving towards space an object could be seen heading towards earth. As the rocket got closer to it the object abruptly turned around and shot off into the opposite direction. I say ufo in the title because the object was unidentified. I need help finding this video, I appreciate those who take the time.

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  1. Yes I know which one you are on about its on youtube and I think that it is called space battle and you will see a lot more footage of other U.F.O.encounters that are more interesting too

  2. Was no satellite footage. It was recorded by a Space Shuttle Discovery payload bay camera on the night-side of Earth, and showed no rockets, but rather meteors and ice particles (like you have thousands around a manned spacecraft, the same ice particles had been the fireflies John Glenn reported on his flight.)

    There is also a lengthy analysis ruling out the thruster firing hypothesis, but you would have to google it yourself, because it took only 2 minutes for finding 15 errors (thruster position, thruster orientation, camera position, camera orientation, camera brightness model, …) in the document, making it only a lengthy talking about nothing, since all input data is wrong or treated incorrectly.

    Some basic truths:
    * Ice particles are only visible when light shines on them. There is almost no ambient light in space (since there are only few objects and no atmosphere to scatter light).
    * It is almost impossible to calculate the distance of an ice particle, since it appears in such CCTV videos as points of light on a 2D image. The only way to limit the distance would be a Target Motion Analysis, which is beyond the intelligence of Ufologists.
    * In such videos, you never see ice particles do strange maneuvers. You see projections on a 2D screen. Don’t ever forget it. The lacking third dimension means the motion of the object is not the same as the motion of the projection.
    * If you don’t need an alien spacecraft to explain the motion, this means two alternative interpretations: It is no alien spacecraft, or it is an alien spacecraft that tries very hard to look like an ice particle. The latter option is a good way to appear crazy.

    Also: Alien spacecraft can’t hide in space. If they are between a space shuttle in maximal 650 km altitude and Earth, they are also in the range of amateur astronomers and orbital debris monitoring. We know about really any object that is bigger than 15 cm in Earth orbit until 50000 km altitude. New debris appears in the automatically produced catalogs after maximal 2 days.

    Unless you are talking about alien spacecraft smaller than 15 cm (actually smaller than 1.5 cm, because the radar and telescope fences are finer at lower altitudes), there would have to be more evidence for them than just such videos. The catalogs are made automatically and contain to much data to be manually filtered from UFOs for hiding them – in fact they are always full of false positives, rather than missing objects. It is better to evade a false positive with a collision avoidance maneuver, then being hit by a false negative.

    But well, it would be a far better world if Ufologists would have to learn about human spaceflight first, before they are permitted to talk about alien spaceflight…

  3. Sorry to burst your ufo bubble, but these videos have been solved. The rocket videos are just microscopic chunks of ice and or flack blowing off the rocket when they fire the thrusters.They are only feet from the camera and glint in the sunlight. When it suddenly shoots off in a 90° direction was because it was hit by a second thrust from the rocket.
    And the video from izonu, the one over the dunes at Gulf Breeze, looks to me like a military jet breaking the sound barrier. When a plane breaks the sound barrier the air around the tail glows with a white light. You can even hear the jet engine in the video.
    Ufos my foot!

  4. Here is a closeup of the event you are looking for from shuttle mission STS-48:

    And for you debunkers out there that think everything in space is an ice particle, how would YOU explain the following NASA video footage? Ever see ice particles make a perfect circle around Earth, then another fly right in the middle of the circle and turn bright? And these intelligent “ice particles” flew right by the shuttles cameras. Let me hear you explain how this is ice.

    Then watch and explain this video. Are these weather balloons that can start and stop on a dime and light up like a light bulb anytime they want? Surely this can’t be intelligent “ice particles” as well?

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