NASA’s Gemini UFO sightings – Astronaut “VTR” transcripts from the days before Apollo

Before the Apollo program would ever be able to make the journey across the cis-lunar void to the Moon, NASA’s astronauts first needed to learn how to fly, work, and live in space. Between 1965 and 1966, NASA flew an aggressive series of two-man missions into low-Earth orbit, where they practiced and tested many of the flying techniques, spacecraft systems, science and living skills that would be required to ensure that the voyage to and from the Moon was conducted as safely as possible. The flight program that NASA implemented in order to accomplish these lofty goals was known as Project GEMINI. In a mere 20 months time, 16 NASA astronauts flew a total of 10 missions aboard the GEMINI spacecraft, orbiting the Earth over 600 times while acquiring a wealth of space experience that in the following years would serve to help make the upcoming Apollo lunar program such a resounding success. The GEMINI astronauts were some of the first men to explore this new ocean over our heads that is known as ‘space’, and they did indeed see some amazing sights up there during their flights. Aboard each GEMINI spacecraft was a piece of equipment known as the “Voice Tape Recorder” (VTR). The purpose of the VTR was to give the astronauts the ability to verbally record any thoughts, comments, or observations throughout the course of each flight, primarily during the periods when they were not in radio contact with one of the MSFN (Manned Space Flight Network) ground stations spread out at
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A few times each year in Santa Clarita, the conditions are just right for these strange clouds to form. They’re sometimes called “UFO” clouds because of their rounded, saucer-like shapes and hovering behavior. They’ve been around as long as any other kind of clouds, and were “officially” described/catalogged in the mid 1800s – long before HAARP or even use of electricity by humans. Much earlier records (paintings, text, etc.) no doubt exist as well. In the scientific world, they’re known as Lenticular clouds (Altostratus lenticularis), or “standing wave” clouds, and generally form over, downwind of, or sometimes upwind of mountain ranges. This event occured in the afternoon and evening of March 9th, 2010 and provided some spectacular skies around sunset. The cause is interesting… Fluid dynamics also apply to air, since wind moves much like water; it flows over the surface of the earth and when it encounters surface features (like mountains) it flows up and over them, like boulders in a river, generating ripples/rapids in the airstream above and downwind. Unlike water, these air currents are normally invisible, unless clouds exist to make them visible. Lenticular clouds form when moist air from lower altitude is forced up into colder, lower pressure layers of the atmosphere where it condenses, usually at the peaks of the air rapids and waves. As the air descends down from the peaks, it warms and evaporates. The result is a cloud that remains mostly stationary while any

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  1. Lay off the overblown dramatics and people might start taking this stuff seriously. You don’t present a scientific discourse with ominous music so why should this be any different. Leave Hollywierd to there own devices and be factual and brief.

  2. @Pilooogen Just imagine if a wormhole opened up in our sky and fleets of spaceships came out, most people would fragment into a state of terror. Disclosure of the ET presence has to be a gradual process. The media plays a huge role in acclimating people to the idea of aliens.

  3. How did they ‘fly’ through 4,000 miles of the Van Allen Radiation Belts……twice per mission??? I don’t get it.

  4. @ryans371 Yes more evidence that there is a reason why we didn’t go to the moon after Apollo….someone was there before us

  5. Regarding the cover up. I totally understand NASA and Co. why they are covering up these things. If there should appear to be intelligent life out of space, we are not ready yet to meet up with them. We cant even handle contacts among ourselves here on earth how would we handle a contact with aliens?

  6. @LordCarlSagan I have seen one of these things as a 16-year-old hoovering right in front of me while I was walking with two of my best friends on the street at 4:00 AM. A huge aircraft in the middle of a small town here in Switzerland. Very silent and shiny, I dont know what it was but it was intelligent, for sure! I am not a UFO fanatic and as you say, I got my own theories and ideas as well but I am quite sure that there is more behind all that.

  7. However, the Quran does allude to life in outer space, thus: “And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the living creatures He has scattered through them.” (42.29) And: “The seven heavens and the earth, and beings therein, declare his glory.” (17:44)

    These verses indicate that there is life in some form or other planets in the galaxies. Until scientific means become more sophisticated to make this discovery

  8. They have been with us , mankind, since the beginning of time. If you copy one old Space or Airplane vid, run it slow. There they are ! During all Airplane- and Space -programs they been around watching. They even landed a craft on the Saturnus -Rocket during the initial launch. Apollo to the Moon. I got the Picture. I used a simple Gom-payer to slow down the vid. If anyone is interested I can mail it to you.

  9. If there is ANY Aliens out there, they are just as scared of us as we are of them, if they even are intelligent. and i am sure they will look different, move different and talk different. i dont think they will be like we imagined, i think they will be far from what we imagened

  10. This is utterly pathetic. The music is a dead giveaway that there’s going to be no real information in the video. Do yourself a favor — stop with the pseudoscience and give real science a try.

  11. That’s actually nothing comparing to the video interview with a real alien on U.S. Military base, which was leaked a few days ago.. that video is really SHOCKING and if you don’t have 18, I don’t even recommend you to watch it.

    incase you haven’t saw yet, here is the link:
    just type in google:

    I think this is somehow connected with all those china ufo sightings.

  12. @ZMoulton
    I thought about your thoughts… okay, but… Why does the nasa want us to believe that we arent alone in the cosmos? In my opinion the governments would try to do the complete oposite. Hmmmmmm. I´m confussed anyway by this new sight of the cosmos. I´m starting to think that we arent alone. I like that 😉

  13. @TheKingdomofErnor I think so too. And in our times there is so much junk in the orbit…..

    In german there is an nice saying, just picture it:
    You cant see the forest because the trees are in your sight.

    Get it ? ;)))

  14. I wouldn’t feel too left out… Most of the paranormal things we hear about or see in videos are either hoaxes, or normal things which are viewed/recorded in abnormal or obscure ways so that they only APPEAR mysterious. Seems like people love to make up fantastic theories for those mysterious sightings, even though there are almost always more rational (but boring) possibilities. They are probably just starved for entertainment! This was just a cloud, shaped like a UFO. 🙂 Cheers!

  15. why do always OTHER people see U.F.O why do always OTHER people see ghosts why do always OTHER people see demons and all the kind of strange things and not ME or YOU its always Someone else you dont even know

  16. I was pretty surprised to see that too – it was a nice bonus while filming the lenticular clouds XD Thanks for checking it out! =)

  17. yes man, this footage is just.. legendary 🙂 but check the lenticular cloud near my house! 🙂


  18. Thanks for the view and nice comment! I wish these were time-traveling devices and other cool stuff (wouldn’t that be interesting!) but alas once one understands how the atmosphere really works, many of the spectacles which appear over our heads are not so mysterious 🙂

  19. wow thats beatifull, and u explained very well how the cloud is formed..too bad all these alian junkies keep thinking its a spaceship instead of a meteorological phenomenon.

  20. Possibly Pleiadian cloudship. Then benevolent. (Claims are there they come from the future). The malevolents are the Reptilians/Draconians/Greys (working together with satanist Illuminati rulers). In 2012 there will be crass changes (no electricity etc.) due to gigantic sunstorm(s) [Dieter Broers/Michio Kaku and other scientists]. Get your stocks on time. Possibly the benevolent E.T. forces will intervene – also because the dark ones want to enforce their worldwide ‘New World Order’ tyranny.

  21. Thanks for the nice comment! I’m glad you’re enjoying my video and music 🙂 Cheers!

  22. Well I would sure like to learn how to use them to get around time, without being disintegrated, of course! XD Cheers!

  23. Whatever it was, it is certainly not a cloud! Clouds for so long can not stay at one point and maintain a single form.

  24. actually lenticular clouds are time traveling clouds. they are mostly found at 12 points, or triangles around the world including the Bermuda triangle. Ships planes and people have disappeared and have even been disintegrated. 🙂

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