More Proof That Ufos are Nothing But a Myth!

Some of my friends would probably say I’m a cynical person, but of course, as far as I am concerned I am simply being realistic and reasonable when it comes to astrology, UFOs, ghosts and Liverpool FC ever winning the premiership (sorry couldn’t resist!). Seriously though, these things are surely just myths – as a race it doesn’t say much for ourselves that we can be so astonishingly gullible as to attribute anything we don’t understand to some kind of mystical force, or to aliens.


We should learn a lesson from the past, namely that we used to think that the world was flat and that drilling holes in people’s skull was a way to let bad spirits out of the mind. This is my problem with belief in UFOs – there seems to be to be just an incy wincy gap in the logic of taking the premise that something has been sighted in the sky that we don’t recognise, to believing this to be a space craft piloted by aliens.


In every case that we don’t understand a natural phenomenon, it is much more likely than not that there is a perfectly normally explanation that we are yet to discover. My example in this is the numerous recent reports of UFO sightings, which have subsequently been exposed as simply sightings of sky lanterns. Sky lanterns, wish lanterns, Thai lanterns, whatever you call them, these paper lanterns are lit, float up into the sky like a hot air balloon, and resemble a glowing orb in the night. Sound familiar?


In July 2008, Channel 4 reported that residents of Charlton Kings in Cheltenham caused a stir when they reported the sighting of UFOs flying over their part of the West Country, this news article then confirmed that what they had seen was nothing more than some Primary School children letting of wish lanterns. Sinister indeed.


Then in October, at the other end of the country, a local newspaper of Coppull, Lancashire, exposed another supposedly unexplained, incredible and mysterious UFO sighting as being the result of local Cheryl Finch letting off sky lanterns for her mother Pat’s 50th birthday.


In fact, just type “sky lantern UFO” into google and you will find a host of similar stories from local newspapers which should be enough to put any gullible UFO fanatic to rest.


Sadly though, I have a feeling that it will not… When ever will we learn eh?


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