Mexico’s Roswell: 1974 UFO Crash

Author Noe Torres gives a general summary of this amazing case, as heard on “Eyes to the Sky” with host Dee Andrew (July 26, 2008).
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0 thoughts on “Mexico’s Roswell: 1974 UFO Crash

  1. bigmikey – the theory of fallen angels taking on the form of “aliens”
    shouldnt be ruled out. .Maybe these beings do have advanced flying “craft”.

  2. For the purpose of discussion, let’s say the population of Earth is evenly
    split between those who believe and are ready for the truth and those who
    think it’s all fantasy. A good portion of the non-believers are terrified
    of the prospect and DON’T WANT it to be true. Okay, now let’s say the US
    and other governments come out with the truth. Imagine half the population
    of this planet all freaking out at once. I’m talking mass hysteria on a
    scale none of us has ever seen.

  3. The make a u-turn at 2500mph and crash into a slow flying plane? Ain’t
    these guys have no collision warning?

  4. …here is my long told advice…don’t bother arguing with governments
    (especially the US/UK government!) because they want you to do that & waste
    your time chasing after them, my sound advice is YOU make contact with
    these ET’s, find your way, & i wish you good luck in doing so. The ET’s
    will give you a full explanation on what our governments have been hiding
    from you all these years…them!

  5. WOW thats crazy I live in corpus christi tx,.I think personly it was shot
    down it had 1 hole and a dent on the other side.Its crusin all over texas
    and then all of a sudden it goes down.I don’t buy it.

  6. Thank you…clearest comment to be used with this topic. To add to what you
    said; Only a completely egotistical person could honestly believe we are
    the center of the universe. I mean look at our destructive technologies. We
    will be lucky to have a habitable planet for our kids.

  7. When will there be a time when someone finds a craft, walks up to and takes
    clear good pictures, maybe pick up some pieces of the craft and put it on
    national news.Why hasn’t that happen yet….I’m really being serious..

  8. Notice all the (+) ratings that your post is getting. There’s a reason for
    this. People are tired of hearing the government lie and calling everything
    swamp gas.

  9. as positive as i am that there is (at least single cellular) life on alien
    planets, i’m skeptical as to whether they are visiting the earth

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